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Welcome to the Support page. These are the topics that you will find on this page:
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  2. Versions
  3. Upgrades
  4. Special Topics
  5. Add-On Software
  6. Contacting RTG
  7. Customer Contact
This page is for PC software. We have a separate support page for RTG Online here.

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

Some questions are asked again and again. The FAQ is the place to look for the answers. In addition to the FAQs, the RTG Bills Knowledge Base has many more questions and answers, plus its own search engine.

Here are other sources of information that may be helpful:


To learn about the new features in each version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer, see New Features in RTG Bills. For additional information, click the links below:

Problems in RTG Bills are reported on the Known Problems page.

We have brief slide shows to demonstrate some of the features of RTG Bills.

To learn about the new features in RTG Conflicts, click the links below:

RTG Conflicts has its own Known Problems page.

These are the current versions:

RTG Bills2.27i
RTG Timer2.27i
RTG Conflicts1.07e
RTG E-Bills1.37
RTG Bills Lookup2.27
RTG Names2.05
RTG Scripts1.15
RTG Update2.41
RTG Backup2.06
RTG Restore2.05


RTG Bills
Starting with RTG Bills V2.20, you may download the installation file for the current version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer at any time. However, you need a license key to use it. See Upgrading RTG Bills before you install a newer version.

RTG Conflicts
Starting with RTG Conflicts V1.03, you may download the installation file for the current version of RTG Conflicts at any time. However, you need a license key to use it. See Upgrading RTG Conflicts before you install a newer version.

RTG Names
You can download the latest version of RTG Names at any time.

Special Topics

Network Installation of RTG Bills
A detailed discussion of network installation for RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

Network Installation of RTG Conflicts
A detailed discussion of network installation for RTG Conflicts.

RTG Timer: Standalone Operation
RTG Timer can be used without any connection to RTG Bills. Provides instructions for setting up both programs.

Safeguarding Your Data
Discusses backup procedures and considerations.

Reinstalling RTG Bills
Provides tips and procedures for reinstalling RTG Bills if files are damaged or deleted.

Printing Client Addresses
You can merge client names and addresses from RTG Bills with a word processing document to produce labels, envelopes, or form letters. Includes specific instructions for Microsoft* Word and Corel WordPerfect*.

Converting From Timeslips
Thinking about switching from Timeslips* to RTG Bills? You won't need to manually enter your client names, addresses, phone numbers, and previous balances. Just use our free conversion program.

Converting To RTG Bills
Do you want to convert from your current time and billing program to RTG Bills? We discuss what you need to get from the old program and the format required by our free conversion program.

Using Layout To Format Bills
The bill formats available within RTG Bills are limited. With Layout, you can make further changes.

RTG Bills Data Files
Ever wonder which files contain your data? Here's a rundown of all the data files used by RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

Amicus Attorney: Transfer Fees
You can transfer fees from Amicus Attorney*, a case management program, to RTG Bills.


Add-On Software

RTG E-Bills: Electronic billing for RTG Bills; LEDES and other formats

RTG Timer Online: Enter time from any Internet-connected computer

RTG Scripts: Automate reports and other tasks in RTG Bills and RTG Timer

The following programs can be downloaded for free:

RTG Names: A name and address program that synchronizes with the client list in RTG Bills

RTG Import Contacts: Imports client information from the contact list in Microsoft Outlook*

RTG Bills Lookup: Accepts a bill number and looks up the matter number

RTG Report Editor (RED): Makes formatting changes to the reports in RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Reports

RTG Bills Import: Imports fees and expenses into RTG Bills from another program (for example, a case management program such as Time Matters* or Amicus Attorney*)

Custom Reports: Installs new reports for RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Reports. These reports were created for other people using our software. You may find them useful, too.

RTG Review: Displays or prints the files that are created by the Print To File button in RTG Bills and RTG Timer. These files contain a coded representation of the original bill or report. RTG Review can also convert a saved bill or report into PDF format, so people who do not have RTG Bills can read it.


Contacting RTG

We welcome both questions and suggestions. They give us the opportunity to improve our products for the benefit of all our customers.

When you have a question, first check the program's built-in help information. RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Conflicts all have extensive help right in the program. Press the F1 key or click the Help button!

Next read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question remains unanswered, feel free to contact us. We do all support via email. Read our Support Policy for further information.

Finally, you can write to us. Our mailing address is:

RTG Data Systems
2118 Wilshire Blvd., #291
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Customer Contact

RTG contacts customers who have purchased RTG Bills or RTG Conflicts in two situations:

  • Notification when a new version of RTG Bills, RTG Conflicts, or a related product, is available
  • Warning regarding a potentially serious problem found in the current version of RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Conflicts

Our policy is to contact all RTG Bills and RTG Conflicts customers who have joined our announcement list. If your email address changes, you can "unsubscribe" the old address and "join" with the new address.

We also have a separate customer database that we use to identify you when you request an upgrade. The easiest way to update that information is to use our online form.

Be sure to include enough information so we can tell who you are!  If you have changed email addresses, it would be helpful to include your old address in the Comments box. If your firm name has changed, or the contact person is different, please include the old information in the Comments box.

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