RTG Bills Version 2.14

Version 2.14

RTG Bills Version 2.14 introduces many new features. (Released June 20, 2005.)


Changes In This Version

  1. Search Button
    Whenever you need to enter a matter number, click the new Search button to search either client names or matter names. Enter the words you want to find and RTG Bills will find the names that contain all of those words, or similar words.

    If you are searching for a client name, and you choose one of the names found in the search, the program will display all matters for that client so you can choose one. However, if there is only one matter for the client, that matter is selected automatically.

  2. Advanced Reports Listed With Standard Reports
    Previously, when you installed RTG Reports to provide advanced reports, its reports were shown separately. The menu choice Reports > More Reports was used for the advanced reports. The Reports button only showed the standard reports.

    Now we have combined all the reports into one list. After you install RTG Reports, you will see all the available reports when you click the Reports button.

  3. Favorites Lists For Reports
    Create your own lists of favorite reports. You can have three different lists, and you can give each one a name. If more than one person uses RTG Bills, each person will have their own separate favorites lists.

  4. Matter Messages
    Enter any text you want on the bill for a particular matter. You choose whether to include the message on every bill, or only on the next bill. You can enter the message on the new Message tab when you edit the matter. Or, just before you print a bill, you can use the new Message button to enter the text.

    Each matter message only applies to a single matter. Bill messages are still available when you want a message to appear on every bill that uses a particular bill format.

  5. Retainer Account Wizard
    Retainer accounts made easy! Just follow the step-by-step instructions to create a new retainer account.

  6. Maximum Fee Billing
    Specify a maximum fee amount and RTG Bills will generate a credit for any fees billed that exceed that amount. All of your transactions, and their value, appear on the bill.

    The ability to display a warning on the prebill when fees exceed a specified amount is still available as an alternative.

  7. Minimum Fee Billing
    Two simple steps let you set up minimum fee billing. First, enter a fixed fee transaction for the amount of the minimum fee. Second, set the matter for a minimum fee and set the amount.

    Here's how it works. The first bill to the client shows the fixed fee transaction, which sets the amount that the client now owes (the minimum fee). Subsequent fee transactions appear on the bill, but RTG Bills generates a credit for all fees until the minimum amount is exceeded.

  8. Skip Bills With Zero Balance
    A new option allows you to suppress the printing of bills with a zero balance and no new fees or expenses. Typically this would be a bill that shows the previous balance and a payment that pays the balance in full.

  9. Improved Payment Allocation
    A new setup option, Pay oldest charges first, changes the way that automatic payments are allocated to fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes. All charges are aged into standard periods: new charges, 0 to 30 days, over 30 days, over 60 days, over 90 days, and over 120 days. The oldest charges are paid first. Within each period, payments are allocated to taxes, late charges, expenses, then fees, as they were previously.

    The old method, which is still available, paid any previous charges first (without regard to age), then new charges.

    With the old method, an expense that was 30 days old would be paid before a fee that was 120 days old. Both were considered "previous charges" and expenses are paid before fees. With the new method, however, the older fee would be paid first, then the newer expense.

  10. Improved Historical Bills Index
    The Index button shows a list of the possible Bill Dates. Previously, it showed every date on which bills were printed, even if you had chosen One Matter. You had to look at the Matter Ledger to find the right date for a particular matter. Now, if you choose One Matter, the index only shows the dates on which bills were printed for the selected matter.

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