RTG Bills Version 2 Upgrade

Buy the RTG Bills Upgrade

This offer is for anyone who has previously purchased RTG Bills Version 2. You can license the latest version of RTG Bills at a reduced price.

We will send you a license key by email for $20. You can download the installation file at any time.

The RTG Bills Upgrade is the complete program.

The only difference between the upgrade and a first-time purchase is that you must have purchased RTG Bills Version 2 in the past. And, of course, the price is lower.

Why would you want the RTG Bills Upgrade?

  • Sometimes people misplace the original installation file, so they need a replacement in order to re-install the program or to install it on a new computer.

    If the current version is the same as the one you had before, you can download the installation file at no charge. Your existing license key will still work.

    But if the current version is newer than the one you had before, you need a new license key. That's what you get with the RTG Bills Upgrade.

  • The RTG Bills Upgrade allows you to jump from any previous version (starting at V2.01) to the current version.

    Some upgrades are free, but if you do not qualify for a free upgrade, you can buy the RTG Bills Upgrade instead. Read the RTG Bills Upgrade Policy.

Credit card orders

RTG Bills upgrade (license only): $20

License To

After your order is approved, we will create your personalized license key and email it to you. This will not happen instantly, because we need to verify your previous purchase of RTG Bills Version 2.

Your order will be processed on a secure server by PayPal. RTG does not get your credit card information. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

Be sure to enter the name of the licensed user in the License To box. We need this information to create a license key for you, so please enter it carefully.

Also, be sure we have sufficient information so that we can verify your previous purchase of RTG Bills Version 2. For example, if you have changed your email address or your mailing address, tell us the old address.

PayPal offers the option of paying by eCheck. However, we cannot send your license information until the check clears, which takes 3 to 5 business days. Choose a different option if you need the license information quickly.

About electronic delivery
Electronic delivery means you purchased a license key only, not a CD. Your license information will be sent to you by email.

Important: Unfortunately, the email message from RTG is sometimes mistaken for junk mail. Please check your junk mail folder before you ask why we didn't send it.

After you receive the license key, download the installation file. The file is about 8 megabytes (i.e., not too big).

Save the license key. You will need both the License To name and the License Key to install the software on a new computer or on a new hard disk.

Save the installation file, too, because the license key is only valid with the current version of the software. After we release a new version, you won't be able to download the old version again.


Send a check

If you prefer to mail us a check, please complete these steps:

  1. Fill out the order form.
    Further down on this page is a link to the order form.

    Be sure to provide sufficient information so that we can verify your previous purchase of RTG Bills Version 2. For example, if you have changed your email address or your mailing address, enter the old address in the Comments box.

  2. Print the order.
    After you fill out the form, turn on your printer and click the Print This Order button. This will print a copy of the order for you to review. Keep this page for your records. However, the print button does not send the order.

  3. Submit the order to RTG.
    When you click Send Order To RTG, the form will be sent to RTG electronically.

  4. Mail your payment.
    Make your check payable to:
    RTG Data Systems
    and send it to:
    RTG Data Systems
    2118 Wilshire Blvd., #291
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

Go to the order form

Note: The order form uses JavaScript. If you disabled JavaScript in your browser, the form won't work. (Many other things on the Web won't work, either, so this is not a good idea.)

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