RTG Conflicts: Conflict of Interest Software for Law Firms

Avoid Conflicts

Every attorney must avoid conflicts of interest. Software can help, by rapidly searching through all of your clients and matters.

RTG Conflicts helps you avoid conflicts of interest.

You enter the names of potential clients and opposing parties, then RTG Conflicts lists the possible conflicts, based on the names of the parties.

But it can do more. RTG Conflicts can store information about opposing parties, corporate officers, family relationships, and so on. You decide how much of this data to enter. The more you enter, the smarter RTG Conflicts becomes in uncovering potential conflicts.

RTG Conflicts can read the names of your clients and matters from other software, such as our own RTG Bills legal time and billing software. There is no need to retype that information.

RTG Conflicts is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.


Low Cost

RTG Conflicts is a complete conflict-checking application for only $95.

If you wish, you can use RTG Conflicts on a network. Each additional user license is $25. All RTG Conflicts users share the same central database.


Act Now!

Order RTG Conflicts today and avoid embarrassing conflicts of interest.

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