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RTG Bills is a full-featured timekeeping and billing program for law firms. It is a simple, flexible program for both sole practitioners and small to medium-sized law firms. For Microsoft Windows PCs.

You get a complete billing system for only $95.

RTG Timer is a Windows-based stopwatch for attorneys who wish to time their work as it is performed.

When you purchase RTG Bills, you get the RTG Timer program and one timekeeper license. Additional licenses are $15 each.

RTG Conflicts is a standalone application that helps law firms avoid conflicts of interest. It quickly searches all client and matter names to find potential conflicts. Only $95.
RTG E-Bills creates electronic bills in the format required by certain clients. It works together with RTG Bills, and supports the industry-standard LEDES 1998B format, plus TyMetrix, LitigationAdvisor, and other electronic billing formats. Only $199.
RTG Scripts automates tasks involving RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Scripts are small programs that can start other programs, choose menu items, enter text, and do other tasks that people normally do. Several scripts are provided with RTG Scripts. Also included with RTG Scripts is the RTG Report Script Wizard. The wizard can create a new script to generate any report in RTG Bills and RTG Timer.
RTG Names stores names, addresses, and phone numbers. With one mouse click, RTG Names can copy a name and address into your Windows word processor. It can also import the client list from RTG Bills, so you can use one list for both billing and word processing.
Softfile is a free-form text database. In other words, it's a place to type any information that you want to remember. Instant indexing makes searching easy.
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