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Remember Everything With Softfile

What It Does

Softfile stores your information. It automatically indexes the words, dates, and numbers you enter, so you can retrieve that information when you need it.

Everything goes into one big memory bank, so you never have to worry about where an entry belongs.

With Softfile, you can save notes to yourself, names and addresses, telephone numbers, passwords, reminders, lists - anything you want to remember.

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Softfile pages

The basic unit of storage in Softfile is the page. You may enter any information you wish on each page. Each page has a title, which is used to identify the page after a search. Softfile displays one page at a time.

You can attach another page to the current page. That page can, in turn, be attached to another one, and so on. There is no limit to how many pages can be chained together in this way.

Softfile pages are like Web pages. They can include text, tables, links to other pages, and links to pictures.


Softfile links

Softfile pages can link to other Softfile pages, to Web pages, and to files on your computer.

When you click on a link to a Softfile page, Softfile displays the page. You can retrace your steps with the Back button, just as you would with a Web browser.

If you link to a Web page or a file on your computer, Softfile will use another program to display it for you. For example, HTML pages - HTML is the language of Web pages - are displayed in your Web browser. A Microsoft Word document or a PDF file would start another program (Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader) to display the page.


Is it a Web browser?

No, it is not a Web browser. With Softfile, you don't just view pages, you create them.

All the pages you create are kept in the Softfile database. You can create chains of pages for sequential information. You can create arbitrary links from one page to another. You can link to Web pages on the Internet. You can link to files on your hard disk.

All of the text in your Softfile database is indexed, automatically, so you can search for words to find relevant pages.


Free demo

The best way to learn about Softfile is to try the free demonstration version. It includes a tutorial to show you how to use Softfile.

Get the demo

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