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March 2023

Enhanced security for RTG Online
Each firm can now choose to require device registration for all users. When enabled, users must register their device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone) by entering a one-time passcode sent by email. Once a device is registered, there are no extra steps to sign.

An unauthorized user cannot sign in, even if they have obtained a valid username and password. Only registered devices can be used to sign in to RTG Online.

This feature works on all of RTG Online: RTG Bills Online, RTG Timer Online, RTG Conflicts Online, RTG Bills Mobile, and RTG Timer Mobile.

Elimination of reduced-price upgrades for RTG Bills
As of May 15, 2023 we no longer offer a reduced-price upgrade to RTG Bills V2.27 from older versions. If you have a version of RTG Bills between 2.01 and 2.26, you will need to pay the full price of $95 to get a license for version 2.27.

Although we haven't changed the version number, we have updated RTG Bills V2.27 many times since it was released in October 2015. You can review the changes here. All of these updates have been free.


December 2022

Email update
A recent change by Microsoft prevents RTG Bills for PCs from sending email. If you use Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) for email, you need to update RTG Bills. Instructions are here:

RTG Bills Email Update


October 2022

RTG Bills & RTG Timer V2.27j
This update fixes a problem that made it impossible to edit the sequence numbers in fee and expense transactions.

To install the updates for Bills and Timer, you must have version 2.27i installed first. If you have V2.27 with a different letter, get V2.27i here:

Upgrading RTG Bills

Once you have installed V2.27i, follow the instructions for installing an update:

How To Install Updates

There are two separate updates, one for RTG Bills and one for RTG Timer. On a networked system, you must install the RTG Bills and RTG Timer updates on each computer.


January 2021

RTG Bills V2.27i
This revision fixes a bug in RTG Bills that may result in bills for split bill matters not being sent by email. Instructions for fixing the problem are here: R210101: Split Bills Not Sent.


October 2020

RTG Bills V2.27h
This revision fixes a bug in RTG Timer that caused it to truncate the client abbreviation when RTG Bills data was imported from a file.

RTG Conflicts V1.07d
This revision adds a Hide This Party checkbox to the Edit A Relationship window.


October 2019

Move retainer balance
Now you can move a retainer balance from a matter-level retainer account to a new client-level retainer account. The usual situation is that you have a client that originally had one matter with a retainer, but now they send you a second matter, and they want to use the same retainer to cover both matters.

In RTG Bills for Windows, this feature is a free update to the current version of RTG Bills. Once installed, you will find it here:

File > Tools > Move Retainer Balance

In the online version, this feature is on the Tools Menu:

RTG Bills Menu > Links > Tools Menu > Move Retainer Balance


November 2018

RTG Bills V2.27g
This revision to RTG Bills includes the latest RTG Update, the fixes for communicating with RTG Timer Online, and the Matter Details report.


August 2018

Update problem fixed
RTG Update downloads and installs updates to RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Recent changes, beyond RTG's control, have caused earlier versions of RTG Update to stop working. You can install a new version of RTG Update that works correctly:

Download the RTG Update installer


February 2018

Upload/download problems fixed
RTG Bills can upload data to RTG Timer Online and download released items. Recent security changes at the server prevented these features from working. That has been fixed with an update for RTG Bills, Communicate with RTG Timer Online (update 517). See How To Install Updates.

New report
A new report, Matter Details, is installed as update 516. The same update makes the Matters by Rate Table report into a standard report. Previously, it was a custom report.


October 2017

Item discount problems fixed
Some problems that caused the Show as discount checkbox to lose the check mark have been fixed in a new release of RTG Bills and RTG Timer, version 2.27f. Download the installer and re-install Bills and Timer.


November 2016

Updated Web site
We are updating this Web site to give it a cleaner, more modern look. We've also made it more mobile-friendly, so it works better on devices with smaller screens.


August 2016

RTG Conflicts Online
RTG Conflicts Online helps law firms avoid conflicts of interest. This online version of RTG Conflicts is offered at no extra charge to RTG Bills Online subscribers.


June 2016

New version of RTG Scripts
RTG Scripts automates tasks in RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Version 1.15 adds a script to hide a range of clients in RTG Bills. This version of RTG Scripts requires RTG Bills Version 2.27.


December 2015

New version of RTG Names
RTG Names Version 2.05 is a simple name-and-address program for Windows. New features include PDF reports, space to enter notes for every entry, and an improved help system. RTG Names can import the names and addresses of clients from RTG Bills.


October 2015

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.27 fixes a problem with the installer for RTG Bills and RTG Timer that caused the programs to be unable to read the location of the data files. A few other minor changes were made.

New version of RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts Version 1.07 fixes a problem with the installer for RTG Conflicts that caused the program to be unable to read the location of the data files. No other changes were made.


June 2015

New features in RTG Bills Online
RTG Bills Online has several ways to limit what a user can do. For example, the Supervisor can create a custom RTG Bills Menu that only shows the operations the user has access to. Recently, we added the ability to specify exactly which matters a user can see in both RTG Bills Online and RTG Timer Online.


September 2014

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.26 lets you specify an item discount without using an activity code. The description field for fees, expenses, and payments can contain hidden text, which won't appear on the bills. The cutoff dates for bills and prebills can default to Month-End, Today, or Mixed.


October 2013

Avast incorrectly reports virus in RTG Bills
Starting October 27, 2013, Avast antivirus software ("avast!") started reporting a suspected virus in recent versions of RTG Bills. This is a false positive, meaning that there is no virus in RTG Bills. Read more here.


March 2013

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.25 uses a larger screen font to increase readability. It also removes inactive timekeepers from reports, unless you choose to show them. Fees and expenses are kept in chronological order within each day, regardless of the source (RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Timer Online).


August 2012

New version of RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts Version 1.06 uses a larger screen font to increase readability. It also adds the ability to import relationships from a text file.


April 2012

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.24 allows up to 255 timekeepers, an increase from the previous limit of 99. It also includes a new Matter Summary report that shows the amount billed, payments received, and total due for each matter.


January 2012

RTG Bills Online
RTG Bills Online is a complete online version of RTG Bills. You can do all of your timekeeping and billing online, without worrying about software installation or software upgrades. If you have data in the PC version of RTG Bills, it can be converted to RTG Bills Online.

New version of RTG Timer Mobile
Our completely new version of RTG Timer Mobile was designed specifically for smartphones with touch screens. RTG Timer Mobile is included at no extra cost with a subscription to RTG Bills Online or RTG Timer Online.


June 2011

RTG Conflicts V1.05a
If you have RTG Conflicts V1.05, we urge you to install the latest version, RTG Conflicts V1.05a. There is no charge if you already have a license for V1.05.


January 2011

RTG Bills V2.23d
If you have RTG Bills V2.23 (including V2.23a/b/c), we urge you to install the latest version, RTG Bills V2.23d. There is no charge if you already have a license for V2.23.

Installing updates
RTG offers free updates to fix minor problems that occur in our software, or to add certain less-frequently used features. We've created a new How-To Guide to show exactly how to install an update for RTG Bills.


July 2010

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.23 has several new features, including the ability to combine a client cover page and a client's bills in a single PDF file for emailing to the client. For convenience, RTG Reports is now installed with RTG Bills.

RTG Timer now has a list of recently-edited fees on the main window, making it very easy to switch from one to another during the day.


April 2010

New report for RTG Conflicts
A Closed Matters report is now available for RTG Conflicts. Follow these instructions, Updating RTG Conflicts, to install it.


March 2010

RTG will no longer sell these two products, which were designed for the Pocket PC and the Palm OS. In the age of smartphones with Web browsers, we feel that RTG Timer Mobile is a better product for entering time from handheld devices.


October 2009

Windows 7
The introduction of Windows 7 has not required any changes to RTG Bills or RTG Conflicts. Our software will work with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


July 2009

New version of RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts Version 1.05 fixes two problems in the previous version and adds one new feature.


March 2009

Per-user pricing for RTG Timer Online
RTG Timer Online lets you enter time and expenses in a Web browser with no software installation required.

Beginning May 1, 2009, the cost to subscribe to RTG Timer Online will depend on the number of users, not timekeepers. The cost is $8.95 per month for one user, $15.95 per month for two users, and so on, with the cost per user decreasing as the number of users increases.

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.22 fixes a few problems in the previous version.


December 2008

New version of RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts Version 1.04 lets you print a report directly to a PDF file. It also lets you choose a printer and have that choice stay selected the next time RTG Conflicts starts up.

Improved site search
Looking for something on the RTG Web site? Try our new, improved search page.

Softfile updates
Two updates are available for Softfile V3.06. One allows the Compact Database feature to skip over a corrupted portion of the database (usually caused by hardware problems) and the other allows Softfile to index up to 10,000 words on a single Softfile page (up from the previous limit of 1,000).


July 2008

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.21 features the ability to add a payment link to a PDF bill, so the client can click the link and pay the bill immediately. Additional new features include the ability to save reports as PDF files, easier access to historical bills, and several new bill formatting features.

RTG Timer has a new mini stopwatch, which provides a way to minimize the space taken up on the screen while providing a visual reminder that the stopwatch is running. A single mouse click closes the mini stopwatch and restores the full RTG Timer window, where a description of the time entry can be completed.

New version of RTG Names
RTG Names, our free name and address program, can now accept the 20-character client abbreviations in RTG Bills. Download RTG Names Version 2.04.


May 2008

New version of Softfile
Softfile is RTG's electronic notebook software. The latest version adds Vista compatibility. Try the free demo to see if you find it useful.


April 2008

New upgrade policy
With the introduction of RTG Bills V2.20, we changed our upgrade policy, offering a free upgrade to anyone who had purchased RTG Bills on or after January 1, 2007. This offer remains in effect until June 30, 2008.

Now we are changing the policy for future releases. Our new policy will be to offer free upgrades for one year after the purchase of RTG Bills. Both full-price initial purchases and reduced-price upgrade purchases will qualify for a year of free upgrades.

We expect to release a new version of RTG Bills before V2.20 is one year old, so anyone who purchased V2.20 will be eligible for a free upgrade to the next version.

With free upgrades for one year and low-cost upgrades after that, we hope everyone will use the latest version of RTG Bills and take advantage of our continuing efforts to simplify and enhance our legal billing software.


January 2008

New version of RTG Bills
RTG Bills Version 2.20 features much better integration with RTG Timer Online. You can upload RTG Bills data, and download released RTG Timer Online transactions, without leaving RTG Bills.

RTG Timer also features better integration with RTG Timer Online. It is possible now, using RTG Timer on a remote PC, to download RTG Bills data from within RTG Timer, and also to release RTG Timer transactions directly to RTG Timer Online. There is no need to email files back and forth between the RTG Bills computer and the RTG Timer computer.

In addition, we've eliminated separate demo and full versions in favor of a single installation file that allows a 45-day free trial of RTG Bills and RTG Timer with all features enabled.

Upgrades are handled differently as well. You can download the latest version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer from our Web site at any time, but you need a license key to make it work. Read Upgrading RTG Bills to see if you qualify for a free upgrade.

New version of RTG Conflicts
RTG Conflicts Version 1.03 also eliminates the separate demo and full versions in favor of a single installation file that allows a 45-day free trial. It includes one new report and larger party abbreviations (required by RTG Bills V2.20).

Current RTG Conflicts users can request a license key for the new version at no charge. See Upgrading RTG Conflicts.



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