R210101: Split Bills Not Sent


RTG Bills V2.27i fixes a problem with split billing.

Split billing uses a primary matter to distribute fees and expenses to two or more secondary matters. Using Bills > Reprint As PDF, bills for secondary matters that are set to be emailed to your clients may not be sent because of a software bug.

Consider a matter that has not yet been made into a secondary matter. On the PDF tab, you will see the Reprint Bills As PDF Files checkbox. If you check that box, you will see the Send Bills Automatically checkbox. To avoid the current problem, both boxes should be checked before you make the matter into a secondary matter (by adding it to the list of secondary matters on the Split tab of the primary matter).

After you add the secondary matter to the list on the Split tab of the primary matter, the Reprint Bills As PDF Files checkbox no longer appears on the PDF tab of the secondary matter. The PDF file will be created but not sent, even though the Send Bills Automatically checkbox is checked.


Solution #1

You can fix the problem by temporarily removing the secondary matters from the list on the primary matter's Split tab. Make sure to note the percentages for each secondary matter so you can add them back later.

Then edit each secondary matter and check both checkboxes on the PDF tab.

Finally, edit the primary matter and add the secondary matters back to the list on the Split tab.


Solution #2

The problem is fixed in RTG Bills V2.27i.

If you have a license for RTG Bills V2.27, but you have not installed V2.27i, you can download the installer here:

Upgrading RTG Bills

If you have an older version of RTG Bills (V2.01 through V2.26), you can license V2.27 for a reduced price here:

RTG Bills Version 2 Upgrade

Questions about this procedure should be directed to RTG Support.


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