RTG Bills

How To Install Updates

Updates are minor changes to RTG Bills that fix problems or provide enhancements.

Right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Run as administrator. This step is required in order to install new software.

If the security system is on, you must sign in as Supervisor. Only the Supervisor can install updates.

Choose File > Update from the menu.

Click Yes to start RTG Update, which downloads updates from the RTG Web site.

Click Check The Internet For Updates.

Click on the item in the list that you want to install to put a check mark next to it.

The actual list that you see will vary, depending on your version of RTG Bills and the updates that are already installed.

Click the Install button to download and install the update.

When the update has been downloaded and installed, you will see this message. Click OK.

You will see the list of updates again, but the one you installed will no longer appear there. Click Close and then Close again to exit from RTG Update.

The End

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