R200801: Using Gmail with RTG Bills Online

Sending bills with Gmail

These instructions apply to RTG Bills Online, the online version of RTG Bills.

RTG Bills Online can send bills to your clients as PDF files attached to an email message. Instructions for setting this up are available in the help information within RTG Bills Online:

RTG Bills Menu > Help > Frequently Asked Questions > Can I use email to send a bill to a client?

In order for RTG Bills to send the bills automatically, a Supervisor must tell it how to send email from your computer. Those settings are found here:

Supervisor Menu > Settings > Edit Email Settings

Google will be requiring the use of OAuth, a secure protocol for ensuring that only your firm (a Gmail user) can send mail that says it comes from your firm. This replaces the use of a username and password to identify you.

Google originally planned to require OAuth starting February 15, 2021. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, that change has been delayed. As of this writing (September 2020), no new date has been set. Nevertheless, we recommend using the new method as soon as possible.

This page explains what settings to use for Gmail in RTG Bills Online.



To use Gmail to send email from RTG Bills Online, use the following settings on the Edit Email Settings page:

SMTP server:gmail
Sender email address:Enter the username for your Gmail account

Click Help on that page for an explanation of the other items on the page.

When you first enter gmail instead of a server name, press Tab and a new button will appear near the bottom of the page: Get a Gmail token. Click the button and sign in to your Gmail account. Give permission for RTG Bills Online to send email on your behalf.

If you are successful, a token is stored that allows your firm to send email through Gmail. RTG Bills Online will use this token automatically each time you email a bill to a client.

If you change the SMTP server, so you are no longer using Gmail, a new button will appear, Revoke the Gmail token. Click the button to prevent anyone from using Gmail on your behalf. A request is sent to Gmail to revoke the token, and the token is removed from your RTG Bills data.


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