RTG Bills Email Update


At the end of November 2022, a change at Microsoft caused RTG Bills users to be unable to send bills by email through Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365). RTG Bills uses a software component from Chilkat Software to send email. An updated version of the email software solves that problem.

If you do not use Microsoft 365 to send email from RTG Bills, you probably don't need to install this update.


Required version

To use this update, you should have RTG Bills V2.27i or above. If you have V2.27 with no letter, or a letter before "i", you can install V2.27i with your current license. (Only purchase a new license if your copy of RTG Bills has a number lower than 2.27.)

Instructions for installing RTG Bills V2.27i

Once you have RTG Bills V2.27i or above, you can install the latest version of the email software.



Download the installer for the email update here:

Download the update to email software for RTG Bills

Save the file (chilkatax-9.5.0-win32.msi) on your Desktop. Double-click the icon to start the installation program.



The email settings in RTG Bills should be as follows:

SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com
SMTP Port*: 5870

*Note: 5870 is a code that tells RTG Bills to use port 587 and the STARTTLS encryption protocol.


Another Issue

RTG Bills requires that you sign in to the Microsoft email server with a username and password. Microsoft calls this SMTP AUTH. Your Microsoft account must allow SMTP AUTH for the email address ("mailbox") that you use with RTG Bills. See Microsoft Email Issues.

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