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Softfile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Softfile?

Think of Softfile as an electronic notebook that indexes the words on each notebook page. Each page can include text, tables, and images. Pages can also have links to other Softfile pages, local files, and Web pages. More....


Why are some buttons grayed out?

Buttons and menu choices are grayed out when they do not apply in the current situation. For example, when you are editing a page, you cannot use the File menu or the Back, Previous, Next, or Home buttons.
  When you are viewing a reminder list, the Edit button is grayed out because you can only edit Softfile pages.


What's the difference between the Back and Previous buttons?

The Back button takes you to the last page you viewed, just like the Back button in a Web browser.
  The Previous button goes to the page before the current page on a chain of pages. The Next and Previous buttons move forward and backward along the chain. Chains of pages are created with the menu command Page > Attach, which creates a new page that follows the current page.


Why does it say 'Could not start RTG Update' when I choose File > Update from the menu?

With recent versions of Windows, you must right-click the Softfile icon and choose Run as administrator when you want to do an update.
  Softfile does not run with administrator privileges, even if your user account says you are an administrator. That is a "feature" of Windows. Without administrator privileges, you cannot install or change programs, which is what an update often does.

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