RTG Timer


Some attorneys wish to use the computer to time their work as it is performed. RTG Timer is designed for them.

Because it works with RTG Bills, RTG Timer knows your clients, their matters, and the correct billing rate. When an attorney selects a matter, the client name, matter description, and billing rate appear on the screen. Fees and expenses entered with RTG Timer are easily transferred into RTG Bills, where they can be further edited if necessary.

RTG Timer


The built-in stopwatch keeps track of the time as you work. You can start the timer first and choose the client and matter later. Using Windows, you can switch to another program, such as a word processor, address book, or calendar, while the timer keeps running.


Time and Expense Entry

Fees and expenses are entered the same way as in RTG Bills. Billing rates are supplied automatically.

You may also enter fixed fees and expenses. Expenses can be either a specific dollar amount or a unit cost times a quantity (useful for fax and photocopy charges).

A convenient feature is the ability to add an expense while the stopwatch keeps running. This is particularly useful for adding a telephone charge while you are still on the phone.

Shorthand codes may be used to speed text entry. For example, TCW might mean "Telephone conference with." The codes are expanded as you type. If you prefer, one mouse click displays a list of the codes you have defined and a second click inserts the desired code into the text.


Network Operation

RTG Timer needs to know your clients, matters, and billing rates. It can get that information directly from RTG Bills over a network.

Remote users and portable computer users can, however, use RTG Timer without a direct network connection. See RTG Timer: Standalone Operation.



RTG Timer reports show the fees and expenses that were entered into RTG Timer. Reports can be for a specified range of dates, and for a specific timekeeper or all timekeepers.

Fees and expenses that have been released to RTG Bills are still available for reports.



RTG Timer is supplied with RTG Bills. You may make as many copies of RTG Timer as you need: one for your desktop computer, another for your home PC, perhaps another for a notebook computer.

However, you need one license for each timekeeper whose time and expenses are to be entered with RTG Timer. RTG Bills includes one such license and additional licenses are $15 each. Click here for ordering information.


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