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RTG Timer Licenses

This page is for ordering RTG Timer licenses.

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What To Order

If you plan to use RTG Timer, how many timekeepers will have their time entered into RTG Timer? Subtract one from this number (because one RTG Timer license is included with RTG Bills) and that is the number of RTG Timer licenses to order.

It doesn't matter whether an attorney uses the stopwatch in RTG Timer to time the work or a secretary enters the time for the attorney after the fact. If the time goes into RTG Timer, you need a license for that timekeeper. Timekeepers with no license simply don't appear in RTG Timer.

However, if all the attorneys record their time on paper and one person enters all the fees and expenses into RTG Bills (not RTG Timer), then you don't need any RTG Timer licenses at all. (You received one anyway with RTG Bills, so you can try RTG Timer.)


What You Get

When you purchase an RTG Timer license, there is nothing to download. You already have the RTG Timer program, because the same installation file that installs RTG Bills can also install RTG Timer.

What you do get is a Timekeeper Key. It will look similar to this:


This one happens to be the free Timekeeper Key that you get with RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

When we fill your order, you will get an email message that contains the Timekeeper Key.

Each Timekeeper Key may be assigned to one timekeeper in RTG Bills. This doesn't affect RTG Bills at all, but it means that the timekeeper will appear in RTG Timer.


Enter The Key

After you receive a Timekeeper Key, you must enter it into RTG Bills.

  1. Start RTG Bills and choose Edit > Timekeepers.

  2. Double-click on a timekeeper to edit that timekeeper.

  3. In the box next to Timekeeper Key, enter the Timekeeper Key.

  4. Click Save. If the key is entered wrong, or if it is in use by another timekeeper, you will get an error message.

  5. Click Close.

The Timekeeper List, a report in RTG Bills, shows all the timekeepers and any Timekeeper Keys that you have entered (in the Timer Key column).


Credit Card Orders

You can order RTG Timer Licenses here. This process is not automatic. After we receive your payment, we will send you the Timekeeper Keys by email. Allow one or two business days (although it may be less). Click the Buy Now button and your payment will be processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.
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