RTG Bills Quotes

RTG has been great. The emailing bills has saved us a lot of time and $.
- H.K. 2/4/24
You have a great time and billing program but your technical support is outstanding!
- D.S. 8/29/23
As a sole practitioner I appreciate your quick responses and instructions throughout these past ten years. Your legal billing program is WONDERFUL! Getting proficient on the program took a few months for my legal assistant and me, but now entering data, generating reports, printing invoices, and importantly correcting data entry mistakes are easily accomplished.
- Y.G. 2/2/23
I have retired and closed my law practice .... Thank you for many years of an inexpensive, powerful, useful, and reliable timekeeping and billing application.
- D.N. 2/13/23
Once again, the best customer support of any software that I own. Or have ever owned.
- E.F. 2/11/23
Love your product. Had it for 20 years.
- P.H. 8/30/21
You folks are terrific. I was not sure if you had my info since I ordered RTG bills about 15 years ago. So, rather than do the . . . upgrade, I just paid the 95.00. Now, I find you are offering me a refund. Thank you for a great program and great service. . . . I have told all of my solo law practitioner friends that they should purchase your software. Very intuitive and does everything a solo office needs.
- C.K. 7/17/21
Not only did you develop a great product that is simple to use and without unneeded frills, but your support style should be the model for every computer and software company in the world -- use email efficiently, distill the solution down to bare basics, speak English, and use an economy of words to get the point across.
- C.M. 7/7/21
I love your quick response time. Working with this software is a pleasure!
- J.T. 5/18/21
I wish the rest of the computer programming world was as efficient, intuitive and responsive as RTG Bills.
- K.S. 4/30/21
It's very user friendly and I'd never use any other program.
- R.P. 5/25/20
I have enjoyed your easy-to-use program for several years. However, I am retiring . . . . I've loved using RTG, it made my small practice billing so much easier than what I had previously used! I tell everyone who asks about a billing program to at least give it a try.
- K.G. 3/14/20
[We] use RTG every day. It is a very affordable, very efficient billing system for our firm.
- M.M. 12/30/19
Have had the program for years now and absolutely love it. Congrats on a great product and equally great customer service.
- T.H. 9/23/19
Not only is your program a great help at a super price, your rapid on target support is top notch.
- D.T. 8/29/19
I've used RTG bills for over 15 years and it is a great program. It is simple to use, powerful and has fantastic support. It is much better than the other more well known programs. As the owner of a small law firm it has everything I need.
- D.J. 8/29/19
I really appreciate your help. Your product is truly wonderful and you are a great business man. I always recommend your product.
- L.B. 11/5/18
[W]anted to thank you for your time and tell you that it is a wonderful program and I'm so happy I left Timeslips many years ago. It does whatever I needed to do with no errors or problems.
- J.S. 4/20/17
[Y]ou have terrific software! For small solo practitioners like me, it is absolutely perfect, very reasonably priced, and as flexible as I could want. I've been very happy with it.
- S.T. 4/12/17
I've used RTG for many years, love the program, and greatly appreciate the customer support.
- M.V. 2/3/17
In all the years that I have been using RTG (over a decade), I can't think of any other software company with better support including the extensive clear help pages and the prompt email responses.
- P.P. 6/21/16
I have been using RTG for a little over a year - why anyone uses anything else for law firm billing completely escapes - I love it.
- J.M. 6/27/16
I wish all software worked as well and that support was so responsive!
- D.W. 10/22/15
I was a Timeslips user for about 20 years. It was traumatic to make the switch, but I'm glad I did. Your product does everything I need at a much more reasonable price.
- L.B. 9/9/15
I'll probably practice law for another 10 - 15 years. I hope the whole time is spent with RTG Bills.
- B.C. 2/22/15
I really appreciate your help and would literally be 'lost' without the RTG software. I've relied on it since starting my firm and it is perfect for my needs.
- J.A. 1/20/15
Your customer service is superb. I can't think of any other business relationship I have that offers such prompt and thorough assistance.
- S.G. 12/31/14
Many thanks for those of us who are technologically challenged! This program is a GEM . . . we love it!
- J.T. 5/9/14
I have to say, your product has been top-notch over the years, and your responsiveness on my occasional support requests has been excellent.
- G.H. 12/22/13
[RTG Bills] is absolutely perfect for solos and small firms. It's lightweight, easy to use, and never failed in the years I've used it. It handles retainers perfectly, and it is readily apparent that it was designed to work - and work it does. At one time or another I had Abacus for back office, Timeslips, and Time Matters. Your product is the easiest, and most bulletproof -- hands down.
- J.K. 11/18/12
I would like your company to know that I absolutely love this billing program. I am a small solo practitioner and do not need, nor have the time for, complex billing. I have been using RTG for over a year and highly recommend it all of the time. Thank you for making timekeeping and monthly billing a breeze!
- B.F. 10/3/12
I LOVE RTG Bills. For so many years I worked with that albatross of a program (it shall remain unnamed) that most law firms use and I hated it. It was very expensive, very cumbersome, and not at all user-friendly.
- P.S. 9/25/12
I love RTG and tell everyone who will listen that they should adopt it for their small practice.
- P.D. 8/31/12
You have a great product and great customer support service!
- P.S. 7/27/12
Still the best investment I ever made in software.
- A.G. 5/9/12
You are the best! Thanks again for your wonderful customer service!!
- J.A. 2/1/12
I must say that we really love the RTG product and especially the support the company provides. From our perspective, you have the competition beaten by a thousand miles.
- J.H. 10/3/11
The ability to revise entries from the viewable reports makes editing incredibly easy. Thanks again for a very user-friendly program. (I only wish we had switched from Time Matters much sooner.)
- M.S. 9/28/11
This is the best investment I ever made and I recommend this product to colleagues all the time.
- T.H. 2/1/11
I've been using your program now for 5 months and it is wonderful. At only about $100 it is a real bargain.
- R.M. 2/1/11
I love the RTG billing program. It is way better than any legal billing program I have used over the last 30 years.
- M.W. 11/20/10
I have to say I am thoroughly impressed at the flexibility, ease of use and power of RTG. I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues in the future.
- B.D. 11/18/10
You have [the] best and fastest customer service responses of any software service provider we've dealt with. The product is also terrific.
- S.J. 11/17/10
Love your software. I have been using [RTG Bills] since 1998.
- N.E.9/28/10
RTG continues to be one of those gems in the tech support world. I continue to be pleased that I stumbled upon your product back in the Windows 95 days.
- G.S. 9/8/10
Your software is fully-capable, yet succinct. I don't know why anyone would bother with Timselips, as cumbersome and more costly as it is.
- J.M.8/6/10
Your product is the best billing software I have used or seen and I've looked into most of them over the past 30 years.
- C.K. 7/14/10
Originally, I was concerned with email-only support, but I have utilized support several times now, and I have received timely and helpful responses within minutes; there is also the comfort of free lifetime support, unlike most other companies. This mighty program has everything (and more) that other programs have, at a fraction of the price, and it's a program specifically geared towards attorneys, which means less work at restructuring the default billing terminology.
- B.G. 7/2/10
Your software is excellent, affordable, and the support has been terrific.
- C.S. 6/8/10
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RTG BILLS. Have used it for 10 years and would not use anything else. It's perfect for our law practice.
- C.M. 4/13/10
The software is a superb value and richly featured. It is thoughtfully designed, remarkably flexible, and impressively sophisticated. . . . My invoices look nicer than any produced by my former law firms, with their high-overhead billing and I.T. departments.
- S.B. 4/4/10
I am a bar member in two states and will recommend this to all my colleagues who, like me, were overwhelmed by overpriced and under utilized programs (like Timeslips and TM). But more than anything, your customer service is fabulous!
- C.B. 3/21/10
I have used the software for the past 45 days and I am really enjoying it. I have been using PC Law for the past 10 years and feel that your product is far superior.
- R.M. 2/27/10
Once again, your support is second to none. It's why I always recommend your software to my friends and acquaintances. That and the fact that you don't have to kill half the cells in your brain to start using RTG, unlike most of the outrageously expensive and complicated competitors out there.
- J.Q. 1/6/10
This is an excellent software program. It's more intuitive than Timeslips and about 1/5 the cost.
- D.R. 10/29/09
I think your products are GREAT! They are incredibly user friendly -- the tutorials are so easy to understand. And of course, the price is awesome! And, thank you for your quick customer service responses.
- B.D. 10/13/09
I've been using your program for the past year, and it's absolutely wonderful. I've used Timeslips, Amicus Accounting, PCLaw, and there's just no comparison.
- R.B. 10/1/09
This is the best billing software ever.
- R.E. 8/5/09
I think the RTG Bills program is great! The tutorial is incredibly user friendly.
- R.D. 5/19/09
I am so impressed with the way you run your business. I will keep strongly recommending you to any attorney that is looking for billing software.
- C.O. 4/21/09
I very much appreciate all your responsive and thorough help.
- D.A. 4/21/09
I really do like your program. It is simple yet robust, and very stable. Once you get the basic hang of it, it is easy to use. Also, you provide great support.
- M.G. 4/3/09
I have been using RTG for several years now with my 11-person firm. It is 100% user-friendly, and absolutely incredibly flexible.
- E.F. 3/20/09
I have been using . . . RTG Bills for several years (5 or so). It has met all my needs splendidly. Client set up and time entry is reasonably easy and the product produces easy to read and professional looking bills.
- D.L. 3/5/09
I can't tell you how much I have liked your program. You have the best, most user friendly program I have come across, and you have excellent customer service. I have recommended your program often.
- Z.M. 2/3/09
I think this is a great product. Have used several billing programs and this one has the least quirks and is most reliable at a far lesser cost.
- S.J. 1/22/09
I think your program is one of the best-kept secrets in the legal field - and a true bargain.
- P.D. 12/16/08
I have worked with Quickbooks, Quicken, Timeslips, Elite and Omega billing systems. As expensive as most of the listed billing systems are, I believe RTG gives you almost everything they offer for a fraction of the cost. Also, in the two years that I have worked on RTG I have not encountered a single problem.
- M.D. 11/14/08
This is a fabulous program that certainly beats the stew out of Timeslips!! I am a "non" legal person doing billing for a lawyer and it didn't take too much time for me to get up to speed on the billing! Your program rocks!
- K.C. 9/29/08
Your help is a far cry from the kind of tech support I used to get - or, usually, not get - with my prior billing software. I recommend RTG Bills all the time. . . .
- T.B. 5/8/08
I think RTG Bills is FANTASTIC. I have used it since I opened my office in 2003 and I am REALLY HAPPY that you are still in business and continuing to upgrade and support this product. THANK YOU.
- C.M. 4/4/08
I love the product and the service!
- W.A. 3/4/08
I like your product. It's simple, reasonably priced and has helped me efficiently catch up on a backlog of billing that I really needed to get out.
- J.R. 2/26/08
Thanks for all of your help. May I say I have never dealt with any technical issues with any company that has been as prompt and helpful as RTG. And I love this program!!
- L.R. 2/22/08
I have been looking high and low for a billing program that would provide a lot of flexibility with reports and rates, but also one that would be good for my start-up budget. Paying over $1K for a billing program at this point was just something I was trying to avoid. I previously used PCLaw at my former firm and liked it - however, your program is WONDERFUL. Easy to set up, easy to use, flexible and affordable.
- W.A. 2/3/08
I love the program and have told many other attorneys about it.
- D.C. 4/9/07
Purchasing RTG Bills was likely the single best investment to date in my 28 years as a sole practitioner.
- A.G. 3/19/07
RTG is one of the best investments I have ever made in my new law office, in no small part because of your incredible service.
- T.S. 4/18/05
For a sole practitioner, the program has been ideal for me, easy to use. It is one of the "pearls" in software purchases. . . .
- G.S. 1/7/05
I have a small law firm that uses RTG and we love it. . . . We had previously used Timeslips (for several years) and we did not like it at all.
- D.W. 2/27/04
It is so nice to know that when we have questions we can ask and you have been so prompt and helpful. The program is much more user friendly than Timeslips was.
- A.L. 2/27/04
Both Bills and Timer are very clear and easy to navigate programs and the tutorials for them are the most clearly written I've ever seen.
- B.M. 9/29/03
My old office used TABS and I was not too pleased with its ease of use. When I opened my new small office, I researched a number of legal billing software products (Timeslips, TABS III, etc.) and felt that RTG Bills was the easiest program to use for my practice. . . . I have just sent out my first set of bills and I was amazed at how simple it was to set up clients and client matters. I have a varied practice which involves contingent matters, hourly retainer matters and fixed fee cases. . . . I want to thank you for making such a product that is simple, affordable and versatile.
- A.P. 7/19/03
We dumped a complex and expensive, yet balky program which shall remain nameless . . . in favor of [RTG Bills]. And now my whole staff can use it, while TS frightened all of them despite efforts to train.
- B.C. 7/15/03
I am an attorney who has been an assistant district attorney and am now in private practice. You have designed an incredible software billing program for a small law office, and I must say thank you! . . . We are singing your praises for designing such a great system and I'm telling my solo practitioner colleagues to ditch "Timeslips" and convert to your program.
- N.K. 3/25/03
Thank you. It is a pleasure to work with such a responsive company.
- S.D. 3/19/03
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this program! This billing system is exactly what our office has been looking for. I have found [RTG Bills] to be simple and straightforward. The Tutorial is extremely helpful. The conversion from our old system couldn't have been easier. The shorthand codes are an added bonus - not to mention the appearance of the bill format, which is professional and easy for our clients to understand.
- L.M. 1/28/03
I found your program looking on the Internet. It has been a pleasure to use. With Timeslips we would fight with the program 2 to 3 days to get the bills printed each month. With RTG I was printing bills in 30 minutes.
- M.D. 12/13/02
I have been using [RTG Timer] HE [for Palm handhelds] for several months now with no glitches. Can't say it has revolutionized the practice, but it certainly has paid for itself several times over in captured billable time that would otherwise have been overlooked.
- C.F. 11/13/02
Your support is awesome. . . . We continue to praise your product and service. Without being techies, we can use [RTG Bills] efficiently for our small practice.
- J.R. 9/6/02
Thanks so much for your responsiveness and expertise. It's a great product.
- D.M. 5/2/02
I just love your program!
- N.L. 4/17/02
I really like the new receivables aging by billing timekeeper report. This will be quite useful in our management of associates in the firm.
- R.E. 4/16/02
This is support way beyond the call of duty - on New Year's Day at 11 PM no less. Thank you! . . . We have come to rely upon RTG Bills in our daily work. Your support once again confirms the wisdom of our decision several years ago to go with RTG Bills.
- L.F. 1/1/02
[Y]our program has turned my VERY skeptical partners into believers (they have tried and trashed 3 very expensive billing programs over the past several years mostly because they were so complicated to administer and so inflexible that they became useless to our small firm.) Thanks for your great product and your prompt assistance.
- B.H. 8/29/01
RTG was easy to install and learn. I was using it within an hour of downloading. For a small firm or sole practitioner like myself, RTG is superior to Timeslips (which I have used for the last 12 years), at a fraction of the price.
- P.H. 7/26/01
I love your software. It has enabled me to finally begin to catch up on my billing and keep things much more current. . . . One of the best things about your software is that it does everything for me. I used to create and customize my own bills and it took me hours. Your software does it all for me. . . .
- L.H. 7/14/01
I received the program the other day and I LOVE IT! Your whole program is so much more . . . user-friendly than Timeslips. . . . We have prepared and mailed more bills in this past week than in the past two months!
- C.B. 12/20/00
I can't tell you how much I appreciate such prompt replies to support questions. It's refreshing to deal with someone who actually answers my questions (even the dumb ones). To do so with such promptness is unprecedented in my experience.
- R.E. 7/24/00
Because these days most of my "consulting" is in the form of practicing law, I use a nifty little program called RTG Bills. It's a client time tracking and billing program. Although it [was] developed . . . for attorneys, I can see no reason why it wouldn't work for any professional who bills by the hour or fixed fee.
- S.N. 6/26/00
We are so very happy with RTG Bills! After struggling with TS for so long. . . .
- V.T. 4/13/00
Just started using RTG Bills and Timer. Once understood, the program is great, far better than Timeslips and easier to use.
- R.G. 9/13/99
I'm currently using RTG Bills and enjoying it. It's simple and efficient.
- M.P. 8/19/99
I'm ready to purchase RTG Bills and burn my copy of Timeslips 9. . . . Congrats on a really nice, easily understood product. Refreshing.
- A.P. 6/29/99
I continue to believe that RTG Bills is the most cost-effective time and billing system I have ever seen, and I have used PC Law, TABS III, Juris and Timeslips.
- R.L. 6/19/99
I really like your product. It is much more user friendly than Timeslips, and it doesn't try to be all things to all people.
- A.A. 6/13/99
On the advice of a colleague, I downloaded a demo version from RTG's Web site and have been trying it out for the last couple of weeks. I have found it to be blessedly easy to use, very intuitive, versatile, and armed with a help function that actually answers any questions you might have. Printing invoices is a breeze. For a solo practitioner or small firm, this seems ideal. It is a model of clarity. My colleague has been using the program for half a year, and he has had absolutely no glitches.
- J.C. 3/10/99
We have considered Timeslips 9.0, but have heard that it has a lot of "bugs." Your program sounds almost too good to be true.
- L.B. 1/28/99
I have been tinkering with the program to see what the best way for me to do my billing is, and I think this program is great.
- R.A. 3/25/97
I really like the new version of RTG Bills. Works well, with no problems at all.
- R.B. 2/21/97
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