Order RTG E-Bills

Order RTG E-Bills

RTG E-Bills is an enhancement to RTG Bills that creates bills in electronic billing (e-bill) formats. You can purchase RTG E-Bills from this page. Learn more about RTG E-Bills.

RTG E-Bills supports the industry-standard LEDES 1998B format and several other common e-bill formats. Before you purchase RTG E-Bills, contact RTG to see if the e-bill format you require is available.

A license for RTG E-Bills is $199. After we receive your payment, we will send you instructions for downloading and installing RTG E-Bills.

The License Key:
You will need a License Key before you can use RTG E-Bills. We will send you the License Key by email after you send RTG your taxpayer ID number, which we use to create a unique License Key for your firm. Your taxpayer ID number is also incorporated in all e-bills created with the LEDES 1998B or TyMetrix formats.


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Download RTG E-Bills: $199

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