RTG Bills Version 2.24

Version 2.24

RTG Bills Version 2.24 includes new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released April 30, 2012.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 with this version. We do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.


Changes in this version

  1. Allows 255 timekeepers
    Previous versions of RTG Bills were limited to 99 timekeepers. Now it allows 255 timekeepers.

    While we don't expect firms with over 99 active timekeepers to use RTG Bills, we recommend that timekeepers not be deleted. Over time, a firm might have many inactive timekeepers whose fee entries are kept in the database, so that the total number of active and inactive timekeepers exceeds 99.

  2. Matter Summary report
    This new report shows the amount billed, payments received, and total due for each matter.

  3. Custom reports
    We've added these reports to the Custom Reports for RTG Bills:

    Unbilled Hours by Timekeeper
    Unbilled Expenses by Timekeeper

  4. Send a File to RTG
    Now this tool can send large files, such as a complete RTG Bills backup, to RTG support. See How To Send A File To RTG.

How to get RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.
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