Known Problems in RTG Bills


No software is perfect. When problems are found in RTG Bills or RTG Timer, they are reported here.

Each problem is listed under the version of the software where it was first reported. In some instances, the problem may have affected previous versions.

In general, you can expect that each version fixes all of the problems reported for the previous version. We encourage you to use the latest version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer at all times.

To make suggestions for improvements, or to report problems, send a message to RTG.

Version 2.27

  • Fee & expense entry window disappears when minimized
    A few users have reported that when the RTG Timer fee and expense entry window is minimized, it disappears rather than being represented by a small window sitting on the taskbar. A workaround is here.
The following RTG Bills problems were fixed in RTG Bills V2.27e and RTG Timer V2.27d.
  1. Icon disappears from taskbar
    When the main menu of RTG Bills or RTG Timer is hidden, the icon disappears from the taskbar.

  2. Bills disappears
    Using the List button to choose a bill format for a matter causes RTG Bills to disappear completely.

  3. Timer disappears
    Using the List button to choose a task code for an item causes RTG Timer to disappear completely.

  4. Bills for responsible timekeeper
    A problem can occur when you print bills for one Responsible Timekeeper (Bills > Bills > For Timekeepers). A client-level retainer deposit may cause a bill to print for a matter with a different Responsible Timekeeper, and that bill will not include the transactions for the matter.

  5. Order of transactions within a date
    For fees and expenses, the order of transactions within a date is determined by the Sequence Number, which follows the order of entry but can be changed to rearrange the order. However, for payments, adjustments, and retainer transactions, the order was unspecified. Now it is the order of entry.

  6. Incorrect amounts on bills with matter discount
    The Matter Discount feature, which applies a discount to hourly fees, causes incorrect fee subtotals to appear on the bill. The total fee amount will be correct. The problem does not occur when a single bill is printed.
The following problems were fixed in RTG Bills V2.27f.
  1. Show as discount lost on released fees
    When RTG Timer releases fees directly to RTG Bills, the Show as discount checkbox is not copied.

  2. Show as discount lost on Cancel
    If you edit a fee that has Show as discount already checked, and you click the W button (Write down hours) followed by Cancel, the check mark is removed. This occurs in both Bills and Timer.
The following problems were fixed in RTG Bills V2.27g.
  1. File > Update not working
    Changes at the server end caused RTG Update to be unable to communicate with the server. A new version of RTG Update is now included in the installer to fix this problem.

  2. Communicate with RTG Timer Online
    The problem that caused RTG Update to stop working also affected communication between RTG Bills and RTG Timer Online. Fixed.

  3. Error in Fee Summary by Responsible Timekeeper report
    This report did not give the correct results when one timekeeper was chosen. Fixed.
The following problem was fixed in V2.27h.
  • Client abbreviations in RTG Timer
    When RTG Timer imported RTG Bills data from a file, the client abbreviation was limited to 10 characters. Now the full 20 characters are imported.
The following problem was fixed in V2.27i.
  • Split bills not sent
    Using Bills > Reprint As PDF, bills for split bill matters that are set to be emailed to clients may not be sent. The problem is described in detail here.
The following problem was fixed by an update to V2.27i. The following problem affects installation of RTG Timer without RTG Bills.
  • Unable to open RTG Timer database
    If you install RTG Timer on a computer without RTG Bills, you may see this error message when you start RTG Timer: Unable to open RTG Timer database in this location. A workaround is here.


Known Problems in V2.26 & earlier versions

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