RTG Bills Version 2.02

Version 2.02

RTG Bills Version 2.02 is a minor update to RTG Bills Version 2.01. The main purpose of this version is to provide compatibility with two new software products:

  • RTG E-Bills
    Create electronic bills, in industry-standard formats, for clients who require them.

  • RTG Timer HE
    Enter fees and expenses on the Palm organizer version of RTG Timer, which we call RTG Timer Handheld Edition.

This version also fixes a few problems with the previous version, and it includes some minor enhancements. It was released on October 14, 2000.


Changes in this version

  1. Retainer transactions on bill
    There is now an option to show retainers used as separate transactions (with a date and description) on the Retainers section of the bill. Previously, the total retainer applied could be shown but not the individual transactions, even if they had been entered manually.

  2. Error log
    An error logging feature has been added to both RTG Bills and RTG Timer. If you are having a problem with either program, and error messages appear, you should turn on error logging. This option is under Setup, Other on the Errors tab. Then run the program and the error messages will be written to the file Bills.log for RTG Bills or Timer.log for RTG Timer. Send this file to RTG as an email attachment, along with your description of the problem.

  3. Mixed button
    The windows that require entry of both the fee and expense cutoff date and the payment and adjustment cutoff date have a new button to choose the dates, Mixed. It selects the last day of the previous month for the fee and expense cutoff date, but today's date for the payment and adjustment cutoff date. The result is that the bills will include fees and expenses only through the end of the month, but all payments and adjustments to date.

  4. Better auto-allocation
    Auto-allocation of payments and manual retainers is improved. The allocation to fees and expenses is now done correctly when more than one such transaction must be applied to pay unbilled fees and expenses. This situation might arise if you enter two manual retainer transactions to pay the fees on the current bill.

  5. Matter Status report
    RTG Bills has a new custom report, the Matter Status report. For each matter with a balance due, it shows the amount due, the date of the last bill, the date of the last payment, the bill format, the billing cycle, and the rate table.

  6. Backup options
    The File, Backup command has options to back up the archive file (deleted matters) and the historical bills. Previous versions did not back up this data.

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    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

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