RTG Bills Version 2.01

Version 2.01

Although RTG Bills Version 2 looks almost identical to previous versions, internally it uses more up-to-date software technology. RTG Bills Version 2 is 32-bit software, which means it has better compatibility with current and future versions of Microsoft Windows.

RTG Bills Version 2 includes the latest relational database software, Version 4.0 of the Microsoft Jet database engine. Previously, RTG Bills used Jet 1.1, a much older version of the same database engine.

RTG Bills Version 2.01 was released on September 1, 2000.


Spell Checker

The major new feature in RTG Bills Version 2 is the spell checker. You can check the spelling of a single transaction with the new Check button in both RTG Bills and RTG Timer. In addition, RTG Timer can spell check all fees and expenses at once, and RTG Bills can check either all fees and expenses or all payments and adjustments. If you wish, you can limit the spell check to a particular matter or to a range of dates.

The spelling dictionary has been tailored for use in a legal billing program. We have omitted many words that are unlikely to appear in the description of a transaction, such as scientific terms and slang. On the other hand, we have included many legal terms.

You can both add and delete words from the dictionary to tailor it to your needs. You can add words, such as client names and business names, that appear frequently in your descriptions. If the dictionary contains a word that you believe is misspelled, or you favor an alternative spelling, you can delete the word.

You can see a screen shot of the spell checker window in the July 2000 issue of RTG News.


Other New Features

In Version 2.01 you can select a printer and change the paper orientation from within RTG Bills and RTG Timer. It is no longer necessary to go to the Printers folder to perform these tasks.

Installation has been improved in several ways. The installation program lets you install RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or both at once. Desktop shortcuts are created automatically. And you can uninstall Version 2 in the standard way, using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

Browsing for files or folders will now show long filenames.

Each of these features was made possible by the change to 32-bit software. We also expect fewer problems with network printers, which required special settings in Version 1.


How to get
RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    Complete ordering information is on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

Known problems

The following problems are fixed in Version 2.02.

  1. RED and Layout
    RED, the RTG Report Editor, and Layout, the custom bill editor, give an error message if you delete the last item in a section of the bill or report, or if you insert a new item in an empty section.

  2. Error reading transaction file
    This problem will not affect you if you use RTG Bills and RTG Timer on the same computer, or if both programs are on a network. In either situation, RTG Timer can write information directly into the RTG Bills database.

    However, you may see this error message if you use RTG Timer as a "standalone" program (meaning that it cannot communicate directly with the RTG Bills database). In that situation, RTG Timer writes released transactions into a disk file named Timer.xfr. RTG Bills must read the file to get the released transactions.

    A problem arises if you release some transactions, then release more transactions before RTG Bills has read the first batch. The disk file is damaged and RTG Bills gives an error message when it tries to read it. RTG Timer is also unable to add more transactions to the damaged file.

    If this happens to you, we suggest that you send the file Timer.xfr to RTG as an email attachment. We will repair the file and return it to you. Your data will be unharmed.

    As a workaround, you should not release RTG Timer transactions more than once into the same file. For example, if you are using floppy disks to transfer the transactions from RTG Timer to RTG Bills, use a different floppy disk each time you release transactions. Once RTG Bills has read the transactions from the disk, you can re-use the disk.

  3. Error displaying About window
    The About window normally displays as RTG Bills starts up. It disappears automatically a few seconds after the program is loaded, or a bit faster if you click on it.

    If you choose Help, About RTG Bills from the menu, while the About window is still displayed (although it may be hidden behind the main RTG Bills window), you will get an error message and RTG Bills will exit. Workaround: Don't do that.

  4. Print To File misplaces file
    The Print To File button should print reports to the file Report.txt in the RTG Bills folder. In fact, the file is created in the current directory, which is not always the RTG Bills folder. If you run RTG Bills from a shortcut on the Desktop, the file will most likely be on the Desktop as well.
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