RTG Bills Version 2.23

Version 2.23

RTG Bills Version 2.23 includes new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released July 13, 2010.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 with this version. We do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.


Changes in this version

  1. Include client cover pages with bills
    When you reprint a bill, or reprint as PDF files, you now have the option to include the Client Cover Page (if there is one) with each bill. For Reprint Bills, this means you can create a single PDF file with all of the Client Cover Pages and bills. For Reprint As PDF, it means you can create a single PDF file for each client that includes both the Client Cover Page and the bills for the client.

    As before, you must print the bills, then print the Client Cover Pages, before you can reprint anything. The printing process creates the image files that RTG Bills stores and then uses for reprinting.

  2. Reprint only non-PDF bills
    When you reprint bills, you now have the option to separately reprint bills that will not be sent by email. Bills that are to be sent by email are created as PDF files when you choose Reprint As PDF.

  3. Record success or failure of emailing bills
    When you choose Reprint As PDF, RTG Bills will email the bills for you, for any matter that has the Send Bills Automatically option set.

    Now, for each bill that is successfully emailed, RTG Bills records that fact in the database. Should any fail, you can fix the problem (a bad email address, for example) and then choose Reprint As PDF again. Only those that failed will be re-tried.

  4. Five-character codes
    RTG Bills and RTG Timer now accept five-character codes, to accommodate the UTBMS patent and trademark task codes, which use five characters. These codes may be needed for electronic billing with RTG E-Bills.

  5. RTG Timer shows recently-edited items
    RTG Timer now shows the recently-edited hourly rate items on its main window, making it a little easier to switch among several tasks.

    Previously, the Recent button on the main window opened a new window to show the recently-edited items. Now the Recent button is used to hide or show the list on the main window.

  6. RTG Timer copies RTG Bills data
    Previously, before disconnecting an RTG Timer computer from the network for standalone operation, it was necessary to export RTG Bills data to a file and then import that file into RTG Timer. Now RTG Timer can simply read the RTG Bills data:

    File > Import RTG Bills Data > Copy From RTG Bills

  7. Move fees and expenses
    RTG Bills can move unbilled fees and expenses from one matter to another:

    Edit > Move Fees And Expenses

    Previously, you had to install a free upgrade and choose:

    File > Tools > Move Fees And Expenses

    Now this feature is a standard part of RTG Bills.

  8. Send a file to RTG
    This feature is now installed with RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Prior to Version 2.22c, you had to install it as a free upgrade. It remains on the Tools menu:

    File > Tools > Send a File to RTG

    You can easily send a file to RTG Support, to help us diagnose a problem. A typical example would be a bill format that isn't working as expected. Instructions are here.

  9. RTG Reports
    Previously, you had to install RTG Reports separately on each computer in order to use the additional reports it provides. Now RTG Reports is installed with RTG Bills and all of its reports are available immediately.

  10. New standard reports
    We've added these reports to RTG Bills and RTG Timer:

    Emailed Bills by Matter

    This is a new standard report for RTG Bills. Only matters that are set to create a PDF file from the bill and email it automatically are included. For each such matter, the report shows the fee and expense cutoff date of the last bill and whether or not that bill was emailed to the client.

    System Information

    This standard report (for both RTG Bills and RTG Timer) shows information that may help RTG resolve problems with your installation.

    Hours and Expenses by Timekeeper

    This is a new standard report for RTG Timer. The same report for RTG Bills is a custom report.

  11. New custom reports
    We've added these reports to the Custom Reports for RTG Bills:

    Matter Ledger (Full Descriptions)

    This new Matter Ledger report shows the full description for each item, unlike the standard report, which only shows the first line. With this report, you can see the two cutoff dates for each bill (but only for bills printed after V2.23 is installed).

    Hours and Expenses by Timekeeper

    This report is similar to the standard report, Fees and Expenses by Timekeeper, except that for fees, it shows hours and not dollar amounts or rates.

    Matter Balances (CSV)

    Shows the same information as report 951, Matter Balances, but in CSV format, which can be imported into other software, such as a spreadsheet program.

    Fees and Expenses by Area

    Shows fees and expenses grouped by area of practice.

  12. Report lists
    RTG Bills will now remember the selected tab on the Choose A Report window. Previously, the All Reports tab was always displayed when the window opened.

  13. RTG Viewer
    The RTG Viewer normally takes over the entire screen when it opens. Now you can "restore" it to a smaller size and it will remember that setting. This feature is particularly useful on a wide screen monitor, where the Viewer will occupy less than half the screen width.

  14. Improved email
    RTG Bills can send bills by email. However, many mail servers have restrictions about how fast you can send email messages and how many you can send in a given time period.

    RTG Bills now has additional settings that can make it work more reliably with your mail server by limiting the speed at which it sends email. It can pause briefly between each message, and it can send messages in batches, separated by a longer period of time. The additional settings are found under Setup > email.

  15. Graphic images have moved
    Image files that are used as a logo on your letterhead or envelopes must now be located in the images subfolder of the RTG Bills Data Location rather than the images subfolder of the Program Location.

    The Data Location is where the RTG Bills database is stored, making the image files accessible to all users. The Program Location is on each computer (usually C:\Program Files\Rtgbills), so that previously each computer required separate copies of the image files for each user.

  16. RTG Upgrade is now RTG Update
    An upgrade installs a new version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer. To upgrade, you need a new installer. An update adds a feature or fixes a problem in the version you already have.

    In keeping with this distinction, RTG Upgrade has been renamed to RTG Update. The menu item to start it is now File > Update in both RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

How to get RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.
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