RTG Bills Version 2.17

Version 2.17

RTG Bills Version 2.17 includes many significant changes, including compatibility with Windows Vista. (Released March 23, 2007.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista with this version. While it should work with Windows 98 Second Edition or later, we do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.

Warning: If you upgrade RTG Bills and RTG Timer to V2.17, you will need the following minimum versions of these other RTG programs:
RTG Timer HE V2.09 (Palm OS)
RTG Timer ME V2.08 (Windows Mobile/Pocket PC)
RTG Scripts V1.09
RTG E-Bills V1.12
RTG Names V2.03
RTG Conflicts V1.02
See Upgrading RTG Bills for further information.

Changes In This Version

  1. Separation of programs and data
    All previous versions of RTG Bills and RTG Timer required the programs and the data to be in the same location. That is no longer true. You can install the programs in the standard location on each PC,
    C:\Program Files\Rtgbills
    and set the program to find its data anywhere you choose:
    Setup > Database
    This change was required for compatibility with Windows Vista, which does not allow applications to change files in the Program Files folder.

  2. Item discounts
    Writedowns can appear on the bill as an item discount by using an activity code that specifies this option. In other words, when you want to bill fewer hours than you worked, you may choose to show this as a discount on the bill. Previously, the bills always showed only the reduced hours and dollar amount.

  3. Client Payment Wizard
    The new Client Payment Wizard distributes a single client payment among all of the client's matters that have a balance due.

  4. Enhanced multi-user operation
    Previously, two users editing different client records, for example, could conflict if those client records happened to share a "page" in the database. That is no longer true. In technical terms, RTG Bills now uses row-level locking instead of page-level locking.

  5. Canceling bills improved
    You can now cancel bills while other users are working in RTG Bills.

  6. Closed matters
    You can enter payments and adjustments for closed matters. Closing a matter only prevents entry of fees and expenses.

  7. New help files
    The help files used with previous versions are not compatible with Windows Vista. The new help files have an easy-to-use table of contents.

  8. Codes on bills
    Bill formats now offer the option of showing task codes and activity codes on the printed bill. Previously, the codes were only on the prebills.

  9. Bills with a retainer balance
    You can choose to print bills with a retainer balance, even if there is no balance due and no activity.

  10. Improved code tables
    Each code table now contains either task codes or activity and expense codes. Now that RTG Bills knows the type of codes in a table, it only shows the relevant fields when you edit a code. Previously, editing a task code showed fields that were only relevant for activity and expense codes.

  11. Cover page order
    Client Cover Pages now print in order by client abbreviation if the bills are printed that way.

  12. Billing Summary order
    The Billing Summary prints in the same order as the bills (by matter, by client abbreviation, or by billing timekeeper).

  13. Window position
    Most windows now open over the window that opened them instead of in the center of the screen.

  14. New reports in RTG Reports
    RTG Reports (a free upgrade) includes several new reports:
    • Uncollected Bills
    • Realization: Fees Billed (Detail and Summary)
    • Realization: Fees Collected (Detail and Summary)
    • Fees & Expenses by Matter & Timekeeper with Codes
    • Matter Check

  15. New custom reports
    The custom reports (a free upgrade) include two new reports:
    • Payments & Adjustments by Billing Timekeeper
    • Expenses by Timekeeper & Matter
    In addition, Matters by Billing Timekeeper only includes open matters.

How To Get RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.
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