RTG Bills Version 2.03

Version 2.03

RTG Bills Version 2.03 is an update to RTG Bills Version 2.02. The main purpose of this version is to provide several new features.

This version was released on January 9, 2001.


Changes in this version

  1. Replenishing retainer
    This version lets you set a Full Retainer for each matter, in addition to the previous Minimum Retainer. The bill will request a replenishment of the retainer if the retainer balance is below the Minimum Retainer. The requested amount will be the difference between the retainer balance and the Full Retainer.

    Previously, there was only one retainer amount, the Minimum Retainer. The requested amount was the difference between the retainer balance and the Minimum Retainer.

    When Version 2.03 updates your database, it will set the new Full Retainer field to be equal to the Minimum Retainer field. As a result, all matters will continue to behave as before if you make no changes.

    As before, if you set the Minimum Retainer to zero, the bill will never request a replenishment of the retainer.

  2. Order of prebills and bills
    In previous versions, both the prebills and bills were always printed in matter number order. Now you can also choose to print them in order by billing attorney or client name. For both the billing attorney (now called the billing timekeeper) and the client name, the order is determined by the Abbreviation field for the timekeeper or the client.

    It is possible to retain separate settings for the prebills and bills. For example, you might want to print prebills in order by billing timekeeper, so you can easily distribute them for review. The bills, however, can be printed by client name, so you can more easily file a copy of each bill with the matter.

    These options are set by clicking the new Options button on the windows where you choose the matters and cutoff dates for the prebills and bills.

  3. Sales tax
    You can now enter a tax rate with up to four decimal digits, such as 5.0625%. Previously, only two decimal digits were accepted.

  4. No Apply button
    In the past, setting a new timekeeper rate required that you type the rate, then press Enter or click the Apply button. But if you typed in the rate and clicked the Close button, the rate was not saved. This could be confusing, because no warning was given that the rate you entered was ignored.

    To eliminate this problem, we added a new window which asks for the rate. After you type the new rate, you can press Enter or click Save to save it. If you click Cancel, it is ignored. We expect this to be less confusing than the Apply button.

  5. Activity summary
    The Activity Summary by Matter report has been added to RTG Bills and removed from RTG Reports. The Task Summary by Matter, which was in both programs in the previous version, has also been removed from RTG Reports.

How to get
RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    Complete ordering information is on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

Known problems

  1. Backup error
    If you try to back up to A:\ and the disk is empty, you will get the error message Could not find or create this folder: A:\. It's easy to work around this problem. Click here for details.

  2. Deleting a matter
    If you try to delete a matter with a non-zero balance due, RTG Bills offers to create an adjustment transaction. However, this transaction is defective. It contains a Null value in the tax amount field. Subsequently, when you try to view or print a bill for the matter, the Invalid use of Null error occurs. Click here for further details.

  3. Report error
    The report Taxable Fees and Expenses is incorrect when a bill contains payments or adjustments. The same fee or expense transaction will appear on the report more than once.

  4. Aging error
    Bills and prebills that include taxes may show incorrect aging. This problem only occurs if the previous balance included taxes due and an automatic retainer was used to pay them.
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