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RTG Review can display or print the files that are created by the Print To File button in RTG Bills and RTG Timer. These files contain a coded representation of the original bill or report.

RTG Review can also convert a saved bill or report into PDF format, so people who do not have RTG Bills can read it.


Installation Instructions

We are offering RTG Review at no extra cost. RTG Review is installed as an "update" using the built-in update feature of RTG Bills and RTG Timer. See How To Install Updates.

Look for RTG Review in the list of updates and click the box to put a check mark next to it. Click Install to download and install RTG Review.

If you do not see RTG Review in the list of updates, perhaps it has already been installed. Either that, or you need to upgrade to a later version of RTG Bills. RTG Bills V2.11 was the first version to use RTG Review, but the ability to save a file in PDF format requires RTG Bills V2.12.

If RTG Timer is installed in a different location from RTG Bills, you may want to install RTG Review for RTG Timer also. If RTG Bills and RTG Timer are installed in the same location, installing RTG Review for either program will make it available from both.


Starting RTG Review

Start RTG Bills (or RTG Timer) and choose File > Tools from the menu. Find RTG Review in the list and click on it to select it. Click OK to start RTG Review.

You should see a window with the title RTG Review. The list shows the files that are in RTG Review format. They have the extension (the part of the filename after the period) vu1. You can change the File Type to view log files or e-bills. You can click Browse to look for files in other locations.

Click Help for a description of each button in RTG Review.

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