RTG Bills Version 2.08

Version 2.08

RTG Bills Version 2.08 is a minor update. It fixes a few problems and provides compatibility with RTG Scripts. (Released July 24, 2002)


Changes in this version

Version 2.08 fixes several minor problems encountered in Version 2.07. There are no new features.

RTG Scripts requires RTG Bills Version 2.08.


How to get
RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    Complete ordering information is on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

Known problems

  1. Errors messages during RTG Timer upgrade
    If RTG Bills and RTG Timer are networked, so that RTG Timer can access the RTG Bills database (the usual situation), upgrading RTG Bills first will cause RTG Timer to display error messages when it starts. Ignore the messages and upgrade RTG Timer.

  2. Cannot restore matter
    When you delete a matter, the data is stored in the archive file. However, there is a bug in RTG Bills Versions 2.02 through 2.08 that can cause the deleted data to be written incorrectly to the archive file. Click here for further explanation and simple ways to avoid the problem.

  3. Run-time error '3420'
    This error occurs after you choose File, New, Payments and Adjustments and you enter a matter number for a matter that has a Standard Retainer Account. To avoid this problem, click the Payments button instead.

  4. Zip error 12
    This error may occur if RTG Bills or RTG Timer is installed on a network, but you are backing up to a local hard disk. To fix the problem, choose File > Upgrade and install upgrade number 108 (a new version of RTG Backup and RTG Restore).

  5. Late charges on Client Cover Page
    The late charges are not shown correctly on the Client Cover Page that shows amounts due. Instead of the late charge amount, the expense amount from the previous line is repeated. The solution is to upgrade RTG Bills to a newer version.
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