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Cannot restore matter

Q: Why do I get an error message when I try to restore a deleted matter?

A: There is a bug in RTG Bills Versions 2.02 through 2.08 that can cause the deleted data to be written incorrectly to the archive file. This problem is rarely seen because it only occurs in the following situation:

  1. Error logging is turned on.
  2. An error occurs before you delete a matter.
  3. You delete a matter.

To avoid this problem, don't delete any matters until you upgrade to Version 2.09 or above. We also have two suggestions:

  1. Turn off error logging
    Choose Setup > Other from the RTG Bills menu and, on the Errors tab, make sure the checkbox (Write errors to this file) is not checked. This feature is only intended for diagnosing problems. It should not be left on during normal operation.

  2. Do not delete matters
    We recommend that you keep all matters indefinitely, with the exception of matters that you created accidentally or for testing purposes. In the current version of RTG Bills, reports do not include closed matters unless you request it. In addition, the Select A Matter window does not show closed matters unless you request it. Therefore, closed matters are largely invisible and there is no need to delete them.