Re-installing RTG Bills


Sometimes an installation of RTG Bills that worked initially will stop working. Often you can fix the problem by re-installing the software. However, there are some issues to consider before you try that.

In the information that follows, we only refer to RTG Bills, but the considerations are exactly the same for RTG Timer.


Why re-install?

Why would RTG Bills stop working? Here are some common reasons:

  1. Damaged files
    Malicious software can damage the files used by RTG Bills. If you download a program infected with malware and run it, it may delete or corrupt files. If you receive malware as an email attachment and open it, it may also delete or corrupt files.

  2. Hardware problems
    A failing hard disk may write defective information into a file. This is very rare. A more common experience is a disk crash (a completely inoperable hard disk) that requires you to restore RTG Bills from a backup onto a new hard disk.

  3. Defective installation or un-installation programs
    It is possible for an installation program (used by software other than RTG Bills) to overwrite system files with older versions of the same file. It is also possible that an un-installation program (for other software) could delete files that are needed by RTG Bills.

  4. Cleaning up your hard disk
    Sometimes people delete files that they think are not necessary, only to find that they were required by RTG Bills. There are many files in both the Windows system folder and the RTG Bills folder that are essential to the proper operation of the program.

  5. Installation of an older version
    If you install an older version of RTG Bills into a folder that already contains a later version, it won't work. You cannot "downgrade" to an earlier version.

Before you proceed, you should check the version numbers.


Same version

If you have the installation file for the version of the program that you have been using, you should have no problem re-installing the software. So we will explain how you can check if that is the case.

The RTG Bills program file is Rtgbills.exe. Find that file in the RTG Bills folder (usually C:\Program Files\Rtgbills or C:\Program Files  (x86)\Rtgbills) and right-click the icon. Choose Properties from the menu. Click the Details or Version tab. The File version will be a number similar to The first number is the major version (2) and the second number is the minor version (8). This is what we refer to as Version 2.08.

Assuming you looked in the right folder, this is the version of RTG Bills that you have been using.

You can find the version number of the current version here: Upgrading RTG Bills. If that is the version you have been using, you can download the installation file from that page.

If you have been using an older version, we recommend that you upgrade. If you prefer, you can look for the installation file that you received when you purchased your RTG Bills license. It may be on a CD, or it may be a file that you downloaded and saved. Either way, look for a file named Bills.exe, Bills001.exe, or Bills002.exe.

If you find the installation file, right-click on the icon and choose Properties. Look on the Details or Version tab as you did before. You will find a number like, which again means Version 2.08. (Ignore the last two numbers; they won't match.)

If the installation file is the same version as the software you were using, or if it is a higher version (not likely), you should have no trouble re-installing the software.

Before you continue, make sure you have the license information for the version you will be installing if it is Version 2.20 or above. (Prior to 2.20, no license key was required.) You need both the Licensed To name and the License Key. Each version of RTG Bills requires a unique License Key.

Double-click the icon to start the installation program. Be sure to install the software with the same Data Location that you were already using. If you don't, it will appear as if your data has disappeared, because the installation program will provide an empty database.

When you re-install the program, it will overwrite any defective files with good copies that are stored in the installation file. It also makes new entries in the Windows Registry, which can fix problems there as well. Your existing data files are not changed.

If you still have problems, go to the Windows Control Panel and un-install RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Un-installing RTG Bills and RTG Timer does not delete your data. Then install RTG Bills again, being very careful to use the correct Data Location.


Different versions

We saw in the last section that it is easy to re-install RTG Bills if the installation file has the same version as the software you were using before the problem arose.

If the installation file is an older version, the recommended solution is to install the current version. You can download the installation file at any time. However, you must obtain a new license key before you install it.

A new license key is free if your previous purchase of an RTG Bills license was less than one year ago. Otherwise, there is an upgrade charge. See RTG Bills Version 2 Upgrade for details.

The RTG Bills Upgrade is really a complete copy of RTG Bills and RTG Timer, so it has all of the files you need. Install the latest version and you will solve problems caused by missing, corrupted, or outdated files.

If you still have problems, go to the Windows Control Panel and un-install RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Un-installing RTG Bills and RTG Timer does not delete your data. Then install RTG Bills again, being very careful to use the correct Data Location.


Further help

We are happy to answer any support questions you might have. Send us a message.

When you report a problem, please be very specific about what you did and what you saw. If you get an error message, write down the exact text of the message as well as the title of the message box.

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