RTG Bills Version 2.09

Version 2.09

RTG Bills Version 2.09 is a major update to RTG Bills. It includes several new features, and fixes minor problems with previous releases. (Released December 9, 2002)


Changes In This Version

  1. Split Billing
    Split billing distributes the charges on a matter to two or more clients. You enter the fees and expenses once, and RTG Bills creates separate bills for each client showing the total charges and their share of the total.

    Two new reports are included: Split Bill Matters and Split Bills by Date.

  2. Unapplied Payments
    Rather than try to figure out the allocation to fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes when you enter a payment, RTG Bills will now consider the payment an unapplied payment.

    When a bill is created, any unapplied payments will be applied to the previous balance first. After late charges and taxes are calculated, any remaining unapplied payments will be applied to the new balance.

    This feature makes it easier to enter a payment that exceeds the amount billed to the client. You won't have to create a retainer account just because you don't know how the payment will be allocated later.

    You can still allocate the payment yourself if you wish, by turning off Automatic Allocation when you enter the payment.

  3. Improved Billing Summary
    The Billing Summary on the bills is now easier to read, even if you choose to show separate amounts for fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes. You can also separate the transactions from the summary with a horizontal line across the page. And you can make the total due appear in bold just by checking a box.

  4. New report: Payments and Adjustments by Matter
    Pick a matter and see all the payments you've received, for any time period, and how they were applied to fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes.

  5. New report: Unbilled Transaction Aging
    RTG Reports now includes a report to show aging of unbilled fees and expenses by Billing Timekeeper. For larger firms, this lets you see at a glance which Billing Timekeepers are not getting their bills out.

  6. New report: Total Fees Billed and Collected
    See immediately if a timekeeper has collection problems. This is a brief report, also in RTG Reports, that shows the total fees billed and collected by each timekeeper, for any specified time period.

  7. New Bill Date Option
    Previously, the Bill Date of a bill was always the date the bill was printed. However, if you use late charges, you may prefer to use the fee and expense cutoff date as the Bill Date. The result will be that late charges are calculated based on the cutoff date, which is usually earlier than the date the bill is printed.

    After the release of Version 2.09, a problem arose with this feature. It was fixed in the next version.

  8. Improved RTG Upgrade
    Previously, upgrades that applied to both RTG Bills and RTG Timer were not handled correctly if both programs were installed in the same location. For example, if you upgraded RTG Backup and RTG Restore, the upgrade was used by both RTG Bills and RTG Timer, but only one of them would show the upgrade as having been completed. That's been fixed.

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