RTG Bills Version 2.04

Version 2.04

RTG Bills Version 2.04 is an update to RTG Bills Version 2.03. This version includes several new features. It also fixes a few problems with the previous version. (Released April 30, 2001)

For a quick introduction to some of the new features, we have prepared simple slide shows. Click here for the slide shows.


Changes in this version

  1. Improved Backup
    Backups in RTG Bills and RTG Timer have been enhanced in two ways. First, if a removable disk fills up during the backup process, you can insert another disk and continue the backup. Second, the data is compressed, so that less disk space is required for each backup.

    If you ever need to restore data from a backup, you can use the new RTG Restore program. It leads you through the process of restoring your data.

  2. Printing More Than One Copy
    Now you can specify the number of copies of each bill to print. If you always print three copies, for example, you can enter that number once and it will stay in effect. The same number is used for printing client cover pages.

    Similarly, you can specify the number of copies for the prebills. This number also stays in effect, but it can be different from the number of bills. You might want three copies of every bill but only two copies of every prebill.

    The number of copies is set by clicking the Options button on the windows where you choose the matters and cutoff dates for the prebills and bills.

  3. Wide Prebills
    The prebills have another new option, the ability to print in landscape orientation. With longer lines, the wide prebill now has room for the item number of each transaction. The descriptions are also wider, so they will occupy fewer lines.

    A related change is the fact that bills and reports now set the printer orientation before they are printed. Aside from the optional wide prebill, however, all other bills and reports are printed in portrait orientation as before.

  4. Client Cover Pages Option
    Previously, the client cover pages always showed the amount due for each matter. Any previous balance was included in the amount due.

    Now you have the option of showing only new charges on the client cover pages.

  5. New Item Button
    Sometimes you may want to go directly to a particular transaction. If you find an error on a report that shows the item number of the transaction, such as the Fees and Expenses by Timekeeper report, it would be convenient to go directly to that transaction, using its item number. The wide prebill format also shows the item number of each transaction.

    When you click the Fees button in RTG Bills, or the Edit button in RTG Timer, you'll see the new Item button. You can click the Item button, type in the item number, and press Enter to edit a transaction without having to find it in a list.

  6. Currency Settings
    We have improved compatibility with regional currency settings that differ from the U.S. settings. We've also added an option to display a minus sign before a negative currency amount instead of " CR" after the amount.

  7. New Reports
    Retainers Applied Automatically can be used to guide your withdrawals from a trust account. It shows transactions created automatically by RTG Bills during billing that use a retainer to pay a balance due.

    Retainers Used and Received shows retainer activity during a specified date range, so you can check it against a trust account bank statement.

    There are now two Unbilled Fees and Expenses reports in RTG Bills, By Matter and By Timekeeper. The By Timekeeper report was previously in RTG Reports.

    We've also added the Unbilled Fees and Expenses by Timekeeper report to RTG Timer. It shows transactions that have not yet been released for billing.

  8. Improved Report Creation
    This is an internal improvement to the way in which RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Reports create many of their reports. Many more customizations are now possible without changing the programs themselves. We expect this to help us satisfy your requests for custom reports.

How to get
RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    Complete ordering information is on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

Known problems

  1. Report Changes
    As noted above, we have improved the way in which many reports are created. A side-effect of this change is that existing custom reports may need to be modified. If you are currently using a custom report, please contact RTG for further details before you upgrade to Version 2.04.

  2. eFax Fails
    Previously we recommended using eFax Messenger Plus to send bills or reports as email attachments. However, an error message occurs in Version 2.04 when you try to view or print if the current printer is eFax Messenger Plus. This problem is fixed in Version 2.05.

  3. Restore May Fail
    RTG Bills and RTG Timer Version 2.04 both install RTG Restore Version 1.01, which restores backups made with the File, Backup command. However, this program will not overwrite newer files during the restore, which could result in the data from the backup not being restored to the hard disk. You can download a corrected version of RTG Restore to fix this problem.
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