RTG Backup and RTG Restore


RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Conflicts can create a backup of their data using the menu choice File > Backup. This menu choice starts RTG Backup, which actually creates the backup files. The data is written in a compressed form.

In order to restore the data from a backup, the program RTG Restore is required. You can start RTG Restore with the menu choice File > Restore From Backup in RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Conflicts.

You can get the latest versions of both programs from this page.

Warning: Please be very careful when using RTG Restore. The software will not prevent you from replacing good data on the hard disk with old data from a backup. It is up to you to use RTG Restore only when it is needed.



You can install the latest versions of RTG Backup and RTG Restore with one installation file.

Note: The file used to compress and decompress the stored data, polarziplight.dll, was licensed from Polar. Copyright © 1998-2002 Polar. It replaces the two files used previously, zip32.dll and unzip32.dll.

Download RTG Backup and Restore

Save this file, backrest.exe, on your Desktop. Double-click the icon to start the installation program.

The Destination Location that you choose must be the location where the RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Conflicts programs are installed. For RTG Bills and RTG Timer, the standard location is:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills


C:\Program Files (x86)\Rtgbills

and for RTG Conflicts the standard location is:

C:\Program Files\Rtgconf


C:\Program Files (x86)\Rtgconf
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