RTG Bills Version 2.13

Version 2.13

RTG Bills Version 2.13 provides support for RTG Timer ME, the version of RTG Timer for the Pocket PC. It also includes a few new features. (Released October 27, 2004.)


Changes In This Version

  1. Compatibility With RTG Timer ME
    RTG Timer ME (Mobile Edition) is a version of RTG Timer for Pocket PC computers. RTG Timer V2.13 is designed to synchronize with RTG Timer ME.

  2. Enhanced Precision Of Matter Discount
    It is now possible to enter the matter discount with greater precision. For example, if your normal rate is $275 per hour and you want to discount it to $200 per hour, the percentage discount can be entered as 27.27273. Previously, you could only enter 27.27, which was not precise enough to get the calculated dollar amounts to be correct to the nearest penny.

  3. Enhanced Precision Of Unit Cost
    It is now possible to enter a unit cost with up to four decimal places. For example, if you must charge mileage at the rate of 32.5 cents per mile, you would enter 0.325 as the rate. Previously, only two decimal places were allowed.

  4. Billing Summary Before Transactions
    The Billing Summary can now appear at the beginning of the bill, before the fee and expense transactions. Previously, this could only be done with a custom bill format. Now it is a standard choice when you edit a bill format.

  5. Improved Maximum Fees Report
    The Maximum Fees report in RTG Bills now excludes closed matters.

How To Buy

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