Import Contacts Into RTG Bills


RTG Bills can import client information from the contact list in Microsoft Outlook. It can also import clients from a text file in CSV format. This feature is available as a free update.

With this feature installed, you can easily update your client information in RTG Bills with any changes you have made in your contact list. RTG Bills will import the name, address, and phone number information directly from the contact list. All you have to do is choose File > Import > Outlook Contacts or File > Import > Client Names and Addresses.

To import client information from Microsoft Outlook, you must put the RTG Bills client number in the Account field of the contact.

Contacts that do not have a client number in the Account field are ignored, so contacts that are not clients will not cause problems.



You must have RTG Bills Version 2.20 or above to use RTG Import Contacts. If you need to upgrade RTG Bills, go to the Upgrade page.

Right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Run as administrator. When RTG Bills starts, choose File > Update > Yes to begin the update program (RTG Update). Click Check The Internet For Updates and look for the update that says Import Clients into RTG Bills. Check the box for that update and click the Install button.


How To Use

Help information is available in the RTG Bills help system. Choose:

File > Import > Outlook Contacts
then click the Help button. Our how-to guide, How To Import Contacts, also explains what to do.

To import clients from a text file, choose:

File > Import > Client Names and Addresses
Click Help for an overview of the procedure.

You will see three numbered buttons. Click 1. Configure... and you will see the Configure Client Import page. Click Help on that page for instructions. After you save the configuration, click 2. Test to see if the first client is read correctly. If so, click 3. Import to import the entire list.

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