RTG Bills

How To Import Contacts

RTG Bills can import client information from the contact list in Microsoft Outlook, if you put the RTG Bills client number in the Account field of the contact.

Here we see that the client number 123457 has been entered into the Account field.

After you have installed RTG Import Contacts, a free update, you will have two new menu choices in RTG Bills: File > Import > Outlook Contacts and File > Import > Client Names and Addresses.

RTG Bills will read the contact list directly from Outlook. The name, address, and telephone numbers stored in RTG Bills are changed to match the contact list.

Of course, not every contact is a client. RTG Bills ignores the contact if there is no client number in the Account field.

A message box shows the results.

With this simple procedure, changes you make in your contact list are copied into RTG Bills. You won't have to type the same information in two places anymore.

The End

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