RTG Bills Version 2.06

Version 2.06

RTG Bills Version 2.06 is an update to RTG Bills Version 2.05. The purpose of this new version is to fix a problem in RTG Timer Version 2.05. (Released October 13, 2001)


Changes in this version

  1. Bug Fix: RTG Timer Transactions
    Fees and expenses entered into RTG Timer Version 2.05 and released directly to RTG Bills are defective. They will cause an "Invalid use of Null" error in RTG Bills. The problem does not occur if RTG Timer is used standalone (on a separate computer from RTG Bills and with no network connection).

    This problem is fixed in Version 2.06. If you are using RTG Timer Version 2.05, you should upgrade RTG Bills and RTG Timer to Version 2.06 and then use the Fix Database program to fix any defective transactions.

  2. Bug Fix: Matter Notes
    When Version 2.05 upgraded the database, it added the Matter Notes field but did not properly initialize its value. However, this does not cause any problems in RTG Bills.

    You should upgrade RTG Bills and RTG Timer to Version 2.06 and then use the Fix Database program to fix the defective matters. All matters that were created prior to the Version 2.05 upgrade will be reported as "bad matters" (although they do not cause any problems).

  3. New Feature: Quicken Import Improved
    RTG Bills can import Quicken transactions. In the past, each expense transaction had to have a Check Number in order to be imported successfully. However, credit card accounts have a Reference field instead of a Check Number. Transactions for a credit card account could only be imported if they contained a number in the Reference field.

    Version 2.06 no longer requires a number in the Check Number or Reference field. The transaction will be imported as an expense unless the field contains "DEP" (deposit), in which case it is imported as a payment.

    As before, Quicken transactions are ignored unless they have a valid matter number, preceded by #, in the Memo field.

How to get
RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    Complete ordering information is on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.

Known problems

  1. Quicken Import
    The help information states that a check number is required to import expenses. This is no longer true.

  2. RTG Backup
    RTG Backup, which is used by both RTG Bills and RTG Timer to create backups, may not work correctly under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Also, the date of the backup is wrong in the information file (.rbi), which causes the wrong date to be displayed when you restore the data with RTG Restore. Finally, the backup itself may be defective under certain circumstances. These problems are solved in the latest version of RTG Backup. Click here to download it.

  3. RTG Restore
    If RTG Restore encounters an error while restoring your data, it displays an error message. After that, however, it may display an erroneous message that the data was restored successfully. This problem is fixed in the latest version of RTG Restore. Click here to download it.

  4. Timekeepers in RTG Timer
    When new timekeepers are imported from RTG Bills, they do not show up in RTG Timer until you exit the program and run it again. This is fixed in the next version of RTG Timer.

  5. Fee Summary by Timekeeper
    This report should have one line for each timekeeper. However, if two timekeepers have the same Timekeeper Abbreviation, you may see those timekeepers repeated on several lines. You can fix the problem by giving each timekeeper a unique abbreviation.

  6. Matter Discount
    The undiscounted fee total and the amount of the discount are both incorrect after the first matter that uses a matter discount. (The billed amount is correct, however.) This occurs on both prebills and bills.

    To work around this problem, change the Billing Cycle of matters which use a matter discount to Special. Print all other matters first, but do not check Special in the list of Billing Cycles. Then print each Special matter, one at a time.

  7. Missing Matter Numbers
    The Missing Matter Numbers report in RTG Timer causes Run-time error '3265' and the program exits. Instead of this report, use the Fees and Expenses by Matter report and select All Matters. Transactions without a matter number will appear as Matter 0-0 at the beginning of the report.
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