RTG Bills Version 2.20

Version 2.20

RTG Bills Version 2.20 includes new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released January 9, 2008.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista with this version. While it should work with Windows 98 Second Edition or later, we do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.


Changes in this version

  1. RTG Bills integration with RTG Timer Online
    RTG Bills can upload clients, matters, timekeepers, and codes directly to RTG Timer Online:

    File > RTG Timer Online > Upload RTG Bills Data

    Previously, you had to export the data to a file, then sign in to RTG Timer Online to upload the file.

    You can also download the fees and expenses released from RTG Timer (or RTG Timer Online) directly:

    File > RTG Timer Online > Download Released Items

    Previously, you had to sign in to RTG Timer Online to download the transactions, then read them into RTG Bills.

  2. RTG Timer integration with RTG Timer Online
    RTG Timer can download the RTG Bills data from RTG Timer Online:

    File > Import/Export > Download From RTG Timer Online

    And you can set RTG Timer to release fees and expenses to RTG Timer Online

    These features make it easier to use RTG Timer from a remote location. Whenever you have an Internet connection, you can get the latest RTG Bills data, or you can release your work for billing. (Of course, you can still use RTG Timer to enter fees and expenses at any time without an Internet connection.)

    Previously, sending data between RTG Bills and RTG Timer in a remote location required sending files back and forth as email attachments. For example, to send RTG Bills data to RTG Timer, you had to export the RTG Bills data to a file, then send an email message, with the file attached, to every remote RTG Timer user. Each RTG Timer user had to save the attachment as a file, then import the data into RTG Timer.

    Now RTG Bills can upload the data to RTG Timer Online, and every RTG Timer user can download that data directly. The only requirement is that you must subscribe to RTG Timer Online.

  3. Expanded client abbreviation
    The Client Abbreviation now accepts 20 characters instead of 10, making it easier to keep your clients in alphabetical order.

    Also, when you enter a new client, RTG Bills will form an abbreviation by guessing whether the name is a company or a person. For example, the name John Smith will create the abbreviation SMITH,JOHN, but the company name John Smith, Inc. will create the abbreviation JOHN SMITH INC. Of course, you can change the abbreviation if RTG Bills guesses incorrectly.

  4. Expanded client list
    The Select A Client window now shows 20 clients at a time instead of 10.

  5. Historical bills are always backed up
    Historical bills are always included in a backup of RTG Bills data (File > Backup). Previously, this was optional.

    Now the only backup option is whether or not to include archived data, which consists of deleted clients and matters. If you follow our recommendation that you should never delete actual clients and matters, the archived data would only consist of clients and matters that you created by mistake or, perhaps, for test purposes. There would be no reason to back up that data, so it is optional.

  6. Matters with No Fees or Expenses in the Last 30 Days
    This report was previously in the Custom Reports package. It has now been moved to RTG Reports. The old report could be extremely slow, causing RTG Bills to stop responding for so long that it appeared to have stopped working. The new report eliminates that problem.

    It is not too difficult, with the Report Editor, to change the number of days and save the result as a custom report. This is possible because the number of days is stored as a label in the report format.

  7. Retainer Account Percent Unused
    This is a new report in RTG Reports. If you set a Minimum Retainer amount and a Full Retainer amount for retainer accounts, this report will show whether the retainer balance would go below the Minimum Retainer if all unbilled items were now billed. It also shows the unused retainer balance and the percentage of the Full Retainer that is unused.

  8. Matter Open Dates
    This is a new report in the Custom Reports package. It shows the date each matter was opened.

    However, matters created before RTG Bills V2.12 (released in July 2004) did not have the open date recorded. They will show 1/1/1990.

  9. Retainer Ledger (No Canceled Items)
    Fees & Expenses by Activity
    These are new reports in the Custom Reports package.

  10. Summary of Unbilled Fees & Expenses by Matter
    This report, in the Custom Reports package, now allows you to choose a date range.

  11. Free trial period
    RTG Bills offers a free 45-day trial period for new users. Unlike the previous demo version, all features are available during the trial period.

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