RTG Bills Version 2.26

Version 2.26

RTG Bills Version 2.26 includes new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released September 16, 2014.)

We suggest the use of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 with this version.


Changes in this version

  1. Show writedown as discount
    When you write down the time spent on a fee item, RTG Bills usually assumes that you do not want to show this change to the client. The bill shows only the reduced hours and amount. However, the item discount feature, introduced previously, lets you show a fee reduction as a discount.

    In previous versions of RTG Bills, the only way to show an item discount was to enter an activity code that specified Show writedown as discount. Now there is an alternative method.

    To show an item discount, click the W button next to the Hours To Bill box. The Write Down Hours window appears. Check the Show as discount box to make a writedown appear as a discount for this item.

    Whether the Show as discount box is initially checked or not is determined by a new firm-wide setting: Setup > Other > Firm > Item discount.

  2. Hidden text
    A line that starts with two periods begins hidden text for fees, expenses, and payments. The remainder of the text will not appear on bills. There is a firm-wide setting to show the hidden text on prebills: Setup > Other > Firm > Show hidden text on prebills.

    Note that the hidden text cannot start on the first line. That would leave a blank description field.

  3. Initial cutoff dates
    Previously, the cutoff dates for bills and prebills were set to the last day of the previous month each time you started RTG Bills. Now you can set the initial values to Month-End, Today, or Mixed. These three settings correspond to the three buttons in the Cutoff Dates frame on the Bills, Bills for Timekeepers, Prebills for Matters, and Prebills for Timekeepers windows.

    The firm-wide setting for the initial cutoff dates is here: Setup > Other > Firm > Initial cutoff dates.

  4. New reports
    The new Fees Billed and Collected by Billing Timekeeper report separates and totals matters by Billing Timekeeper, which is the person responsible for billing the client.

    The Summary of Fees Billed and Collected by Billing Timekeeper report suppresses the matter-level detail and only shows timekeeper totals.

    Note that these reports will apply any unapplied payments based on the amounts due. If the payments exceed the amounts due, an overpayment amount is shown. Also, the fees "collected" include fees received during the period of the report, regardless of whether or not they have appeared on a bill.

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