RTG Bills Version 2.21

Version 2.21

RTG Bills Version 2.21 includes new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released July 21, 2008.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista with this version. While it should work with Windows 98 Second Edition or later, we do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.


Changes in this version

  1. Double-confirmation for canceling all bills
    Previously, you had to click Yes to a confirmation message, whether you were canceling one bill or all bills. Now, a second confirmation is required in order to cancel all bills. We hope this will prevent people from accidentally canceling all bills when they intend to cancel only one bill.

  2. Selected printer stays selected
    Previously, each time you started RTG Bills or RTG Timer it would use the system default printer for your PC. If you selected a different printer, that change remained in effect only until you exited RTG Bills or RTG Timer. Now, however, you can choose to have the selection remain in effect until you change it.

  3. Print To File offers PDF option
    The Print To File button can be used to save bills and reports as PDF files. Previously, the only options were RTG Review format and plain text format. Although RTG Review format can be converted to PDF with the RTG Review program, a free upgrade, this new feature avoids that additional step.

  4. Improved Client Payment Wizard
    The Client Payment Wizard takes a single payment and distributes it to all the matters for one client. Previously, if there were any unbilled payments or adjustments, the wizard would display a message and exit. Now it can properly handle unbilled payments, adjustments, and manual retainers. It skips matters that are set for automatic retainers if the retainer account has a non-zero balance.

  5. Consolidated bills
    A bill format option allows combining the bills for separate matters of the same client. The bill for each matter is printed as before, but for matters after the first one, the bill will omit the client information and it will start on the same page, if there is room.

  6. Pay a PDF bill with a credit card
    If you choose to create a PDF file for a bill, you can include a payment link in the PDF file so the client can click the link and pay the bill. Your firm will need a PayPal account to process the payments.

  7. More bill format options
    In addition to consolidated bills, the standard bill formatter offers these new options:
    • The bill message may be printed on the last page of the bill, as before, or on the first page.
    • The matter number may be omitted from pages after the first. Previously, this was only possible if the matter number was omitted from the first page as well.
    • The client name may be omitted from the mailing address, so that the client address (or the matter address) becomes the entire mailing address.
    • The Billing Summary may be omitted completely.

  8. Easier retainer account setup
    Some firms create a retainer account for every matter. To make this easier, RTG Bills will ask if you want to create a retainer account after you have created a new matter. If you say yes, it will start the Retainer Account Wizard.

    However, the question is asked only if the Standard Matter for the firm has one or more retainer accounts. If you don't have a Standard Matter, or if you do have one but it doesn't have any retainer accounts, then you won't be asked the question, because your firm probably doesn't use retainer accounts.

  9. Mini stopwatch for RTG Timer
    When you are entering an hourly rate transaction in RTG Timer, you'll see a new Mini button. If you click that button, RTG Timer disappears except for a small window containing a stopwatch. The mini stopwatch shows the elapsed time and the current client or matter (your choice). When you close the mini stopwatch, RTG Timer reappears and the total elapsed time is added to the current transaction.

  10. Improved RTG Timer calendar
    Unreleased hours are now shown in red on the RTG Timer monthly calendar, making it easier to find the unreleased items.

  11. Easier access to historical bills
    When you are viewing a Matter Ledger, you can double-click a bill to display the actual bill in the RTG Viewer. When you close the RTG Viewer, you'll see a new window that allows you to view the bill again, print it, or save it as a PDF file.

    In addition to the Matter Ledger, this feature also works in the Bills by Matter report and in the Uncollected Bills report.

  12. Change matter fields
    A new menu item, Edit > Change Matter Fields, lets you copy the rate table, bill format, or billing timekeeper from one matter to all the other matters for the same client.

  13. Editing a bill in the Viewer
    Now you can edit the client information by double-clicking the client name or the mailing address. As before, you can also edit the matter or any of the individual transactions on the bill.

  14. Improved Rate Tables report
    Now you can print a single rate table, if you wish. Also, you can double-click the rate table to edit it.

  15. Improved Payment Summary by Matter
    This report no longer shows matters with no payments or adjustments during the specified time period. Included in RTG Reports.

  16. Improved Uncollected Bills report
    For each uncollected bill, the age in days is now shown. Included in RTG Reports.

  17. Five new reports
    We've added these reports to the Custom Reports for RTG Bills:

    Alphabetical Matter List (Open Matters)
    Activity Summary by Matter (CSV format)
    Task Summary by Matter (CSV format)
    Retainer Account List
    Matters by Rate Table

How to get RTG Bills

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    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.
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