RTG Bills Version 2.19

Version 2.19

RTG Bills Version 2.19 includes one new feature and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released August 27, 2007.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista with this version. While it should work with Windows 98 Second Edition or later, we do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.


Changes In This Version

  1. Export shorthand codes
    Both RTG Bills and RTG Timer can export the list of shorthand codes in a format that can be uploaded to RTG Timer Online.

    RTG Timer Online is a service that lets you enter fees and expenses from any Web browser, including the browser in a BlackBerry handheld device.

How To Get RTG Bills

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Bills...
    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have RTG Bills Version 2...
    See Upgrading RTG Bills.
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