What's New (continued)

December 2003

New report
We've added a new report to the Custom Reports: Summary of Unbilled Fees & Expenses by Matter. It shows the total unbilled amount for each matter, without showing the transaction detail.


September 2003

How-to guides
How do you create a retainer account? This and several other tasks are described in the new How-To Guides. Each guide contains step-by-step instructions, illustrated with actual screen shots of the software.


August 2003

Separate RTG Bills FAQ and Knowledge Base
We've divided the RTG Bills questions and answers into an RTG Bills FAQ page and an RTG Bills Knowledge Base. The FAQ has the most-frequently-asked questions, while the Knowledge Base has many less-frequently-asked questions.


July 2003

Upgrade category added to Knowledge Base
The RTG Bills Knowledge Base now has a category for questions about upgrades.

Web site navigation
We've added the box on the left side of the page to make it easier to move around our Web site. Previously the only links were at the bottom of each page, so you had to scroll down to the bottom to click them.


June 2003

New version of RTG Bills
We've added client reminders, areas of practice, and more. Read all about RTG Bills Version 2.10.

New report
We've added a new report to RTG Reports: Payment Summary by Matter. You can use this report to get the total fees, expenses, late charges, and taxes received for any specified time period.


February 2003

Improved FAQ
We've improved the RTG Bills and RTG Timer FAQ, making it easier to find answers to your questions. All the questions and answers are in a Softfile database stored on our Web site. You can search for words of interest, or simply browse through the questions as before.


December 2002

Split billing
RTG Bills Version 2.09 offers split billing for the first time. Read about all the features in this latest release here.

Softfile for Windows
Remember everything with Softfile! Softfile is a personal electronic notebook that you can use to store and index information. We've just released the first version for Windows. Read more about Softfile.


November 2002

New version of RTG Scripts
RTG Scripts automates tasks in RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Version 1.02 adds a script to release transactions in RTG Timer. It also fixes problems that occurred on some systems.


October 2002

New version of RTG Bills Lookup
With RTG Bills Lookup, you enter a bill number and it displays the matter number, client name, matter name, and bill date. We have a new version of this program that can properly locate bills for matters that have been deleted and restored.


September 2002

New custom reports
We've created five new custom reports:

  • Matters by Billing Timekeeper
  • Matters by Client Abbreviation
  • Matters On Hold Plus Notes
  • Alphabetical Client List (Brief)
  • Task Summary by Date

August 2002

RTG Scripts
We are introducing RTG Scripts, a new program that works with RTG Bills and RTG Timer to automate tasks. For example, it can create a script to generate a report, which you can have Windows run for you (using the Windows Task Scheduler). It also has a Database Report that looks for missing information in the RTG Bills database. Read more here.


July 2002

New RTG E-Bills FAQ
We've added a Frequently Asked Questions page for RTG E-Bills, the electronic billing add-on program for RTG Bills. Information about RTG E-Bills is here.

UK dictionary
Is your local dialect closer to UK English than US English? If so, you might prefer our UK spelling dictionary to the standard US version that we provide with RTG Bills and RTG Timer. Download it at no cost. Click here for details.


April 2002

New RTG Bills and RTG Timer
RTG Bills Version 2.07 has been released, with several new features. Read about it here.

We've added a slide show to demonstrate client-level retainers, a new feature in Version 2.07.


January 2002

New reports
We've added a new report to RTG Reports: Matter Aging by Billing Timekeeper. The Billing Timekeeper in RTG Bills is what some law firms call the billing attorney or the responsible attorney. It's the person who is responsible for getting the client to pay their bills.

The new report prints a separate section for every Billing Timekeeper, showing the current and past due amounts for each of their matters. A total is calculated that includes all the matters for the timekeeper.

After you download and install RTG Reports, choose Reports, More Reports in RTG Bills.

You'll find even more reports on the new Custom Reports page. Here you'll find reports that you can add to RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Reports.



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