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RTG Bills and RTG Timer include a spell checker. The standard dictionary uses the spelling conventions commonly used in the United States.

As an option, at no charge, we are offering a dictionary designed for the UK instead. Other English-speaking areas of the world may also prefer the UK dictionary to the US dictionary.

There are two steps to using the UK dictionary:

  1. Obtain the UK dictionary using RTG Update.
  2. Change RTG Bills and RTG Timer to use the UK dictionary.

Install The UK Dictionary

In order to download the UK dictionary, use RTG Update. (You must have RTG Bills Version 2.17 or later.)

Complete these steps:

  1. To start RTG Bills, right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Run as administrator. Supply whatever information is required by User Account Control.
  2. If the RTG Bills security system is on, sign in as the Supervisor. Only the Supervisor can install updates.
  3. Choose File > Update from the menu. Click Yes to start RTG Update.
  4. Click Check The Internet For Updates.
  5. You should see a list of available updates. Click Other, type the number 223, and click OK.
  6. You should now see 223 on the list of updates, with a checkmark next to it. Click Install.
  7. The dictionary is over one megabyte in size and it may take a while to download it from the RTG Web site. You should eventually see a message that the update was applied. Click OK to all messages and close RTG Update.

The dictionary is saved in the RTG Bills Data Location, which is shared by all RTG Bills users, so you do not need to repeat this process for other RTG Bills users.

Each RTG Timer user has a separate Data Location, so you must repeat this process for each RTG Timer user. The exception is for a single computer on which RTG Bills and RTG Timer are installed with the same Data Location. In that situation, you do not need to install the dictionary again, since it is shared with RTG Bills.


Use The UK Dictionary

At this point, you have installed the UK dictionary for RTG Bills and, if necessary, installed it for each RTG Timer user as well. Next you must tell RTG Bills and RTG Timer to use the new dictionary.

Start RTG Bills and choose Setup > Spelling Check. Notice that there is a box where you can enter the filename of the dictionary file. Click the Reset button to ensure that the program is using the dictionary in the Data Location for the program.

Now edit the filename and change DictUS.wds to DictUK.wds. All you need to do is change the S in US to a K. Click Close.

Repeat this procedure for each RTG Timer user. Start RTG Timer, choose Setup > Spelling Check, click Reset, and change DictUS.wds to DictUK.wds. Click Close.



To test the dictionary, enter a new fee transaction and type this:

This is my favorite software.

Click the Check button. The program should suggest changing favorite to favourite.

If you get a message saying that the program could not find the dictionary, then you did something wrong earlier. The error message will tell you the full pathname of the file it could not find. Either it is looking for the wrong file or it is looking for the right file but the file isn't where it should be.

In general, the dictionary should reject US-only spellings such as analyze for analyse. However, it will accept initialize and initialise because both forms are used in the UK (so we are told).

Please contact RTG if you find any problems.

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