R050802: Fixing The Archive File


RTG Bills uses the archive file to store deleted clients and matters, with all of their transactions. Saving this information allows you to restore the deleted data by choosing File > Restore Client, or File > Restore Matter, in RTG Bills.

Earlier versions of RTG Bills may have introduced errors in the archive file. These errors could prevent you from restoring a client or matter. Here is an example.

We have a program that may be able to fix such problems.



You must have RTG Bills V2.25 or V2.26. If you have an older version, upgrade RTG Bills. If you have Version 2.27 or above, go here.



  1. Right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Run as administrator. If you are asked to allow changes, click Yes.

  2. When RTG Bills starts, choose:

    File > Update > Yes > Check The Internet For Updates

  3. Check the box next to Fix Archived Data. Click Install to install this update.

  4. If the update is successful, the program will tell you that one update was applied. Click OK, Close, and Close again.

  5. Start RTG Bills again. Choose File > Tools from the menu. You should see Fix Archived Data in the list of tools. Select it and click OK.

  6. The program should appear, with the title Fix Archived Data. Click the Fix button. The program will attempt to fix the archive file. A message will tell you whether any problems were found.

  7. Click Close to leave the program.

The program creates a log file as it works. The log file records any problems that were found in the archive file. The log file is the file FixArch.log, inside the RTG Bills data folder. If you have any problems with the program, send the log file to RTG as an e-mail attachment.

Questions about this procedure should be directed to RTG Support.


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