Printing Labels With WordPerfect - 1

The Merge Data File

You can use Corel WordPerfect to print the client names and addresses from RTG Bills. The first step, exporting the client information from RTG Bills, was described here.

The next step is to import the client names and addresses into WordPerfect as a "merge data file." Once you have them in this format, WordPerfect can manipulate them in many ways. You can print labels, envelopes, or letters, for example.

These instructions were tested with WordPerfect 8 and WordPerfect 12. Other versions should be similar.

  1. From the WordPerfect menu, choose:
    Insert > Spreadsheet/Database > Import
    You will see the Import Data window.

  2. Change the Data type to ANSI Delimited Text.

  3. Change Import as to Merge Data File.

  4. To get the Filename, either type it in or click the folder icon and browse to find the file. The filename will be either address.txt or mail.txt as described earlier.

  5. Check that the Delimiters are correct. For Field, the box should contain a comma. For Record, the box should contain [CR][LF].

  6. Check that the Characters are correct. For Encapsulated, the box should contain a quotation mark, ". The Strip box should be empty.

  7. Click OK to read the names and addresses into WP8.

  8. Next we will add field names. Click the Merge Codes button (not the Merge button). You will see the Insert Merge Codes window. Select FIELDNAMES(name1;...;nameN) from the list and click the Insert button.

  9. You will see the Create Data File window. Type number in the box and click Add. Type name in the box and click Add again. Finally, type address in the box and click Add once more. Click OK to close the Create Data File window.

  10. Click Close to close the Insert Merge Codes window.

  11. To save the file for later use, choose File > Save As from the WP8 menu. Give the file a name such as address.dat. The extension dat tells WP8 that the file is a merge data file. Click Save to save the file.

  12. Choose File > Close to close the document.

WordPerfect can merge a form document with this data file to produce labels. We have detailed instructions for this task:

Printing Labels With WordPerfect - 2

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