RTG Bills Upgrade Policy

Paid Upgrades

We urge you to use the most recent version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer at all times.

Once you have purchased a license for RTG Bills and RTG Timer Version 2 (i.e., Version 2.01 or later), you can, at any time:

The "upgrade" is the full program. Only the cost differs from an initial purchase.


Free Upgrades

To encourage you to use the latest version, we offer free upgrades under certain circumstances, and low-cost upgrades at all times.

We currently offer a free upgrade if you have purchased a license key within the past year. Otherwise, you can upgrade for a reduced fee.

The free upgrade period begins on the date of purchase. It ends at the end of the same date, one year later.

By "free upgrade" we mean that we will email you a license key for the current version of RTG Bills. It is your responsibility to:


This policy goes into effect with the release of RTG Bills and RTG Timer Version 2.20. It is subject to change at any time.



We send email messages to everyone on the RTG announcement list, announcing each new version. We encourage you to keep your email address up-to-date. You can remove an old email address from the list ("unsubscribe"), or add a new one to the list ("join"), at any time.

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