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These are the Frequently Asked Questions for RTG Scripts.


Writing new scripts

Q: Can I write new scripts?

A: You can if you know the VBScript language. Here's an online introduction:

A Microsoft Scripting Host Tutorial

If you search online for "VBScript Tutorials" you will find that most of the information deals with using VBScript on Web pages. We are more concerned with VBScript as used by the Windows Script Host, and the link above deals with that topic.

The RTG-supplied scripts can be used as a guide to the features of RTG Scripts that have been added by RTG to make it easier to work with RTG Bills and RTG Timer. There's also some documentation in the help file, describing the programming features added by RTG.

Note that the Report Script Wizard in RTG Scripts writes scripts automatically. It can write a script to create any report in RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Reports.

Do you have a good idea for a script, but you don't want to write it yourself (or hire a programmer to write it)? Send us your idea and perhaps we'll do it for you. We're not promising anything, but we may add more scripts based on user suggestions.


Demo version

Q: Is there a demo version of RTG Scripts?

A: No. It's hard to devise a demo that can do some things like the full program and yet not be the full program.

We do offer a tour of the program to show you what the screens look like:

Click here for the RTG Scripts tour

At the end of the tour is a link to the Report Script Wizard tour, so you can see how report scripts are created.


Timer scripts fail

Q: The Timer scripts don't work.

A: RTG Timer V2.27 or above must be installed on the computer. Look at the RTG Bills error log:

View > RTG Bills Error Log

A message that says RTG Timer was not found means that RTG Timer is not installed in the expected location, which is shown in the message.


Timer reports

Q: How can I create scripts for RTG Timer reports?

A: The Report Script Wizard always creates scripts in the RTG Bills Data Location. If the Data Location for RTG Timer is different, the Timer report scripts will be in the wrong location.

After the Wizard has finished the script for a Timer report, copy two files to the Data Location for RTG Timer. The files to copy are SNNNN.rsi and SNNNN.rst, where NNNN is the script number. For example, script 2000 uses the files S2000.rsi and S2000.rst. You will find these files in the Scripts subfolder of the RTG Bills Data Location. Copy them to a Scripts subfolder of the RTG Timer Data Location.

Now that you have the script files in the right location, you can use RTG Scripts to run the report script.

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