Using RTG Bills Outside The USA


RTG Bills was designed and tested for use in the United States of America. If you are considering using the program in other parts of the world, please check that it can handle your requirements before you place an order.

Here we will discuss some of the issues that may be important to you.


Date Format

The standard settings in RTG Bills and RTG Timer display dates in the date formats commonly used in the U.S.: mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy, where mm is the month, dd is the day, and yy or yyyy is the year. However, the programs allow you to choose a different date format.

For example, you can change both the Regional Settings in Windows and the date format in RTG Bills to accept dd/mm/yy (day/month/year).

The order of the day, month, and year must be consistent in the Regional Settings and in RTG Bills and RTG Timer. A Test button in our software allows you to check for consistency.



RTG Bills and RTG Timer can check the spelling of your fee and expense descriptions. The programs are supplied with a US spelling dictionary.

We also offer a UK spelling dictionary at no additional cost. Other English-speaking areas of the world may prefer the UK to the US dictionary. There are currently no plans to add more dictionaries.

Learn about the UK dictionary.

Time Format

RTG Bills and RTG Timer accept time entries either in decimal hours (e.g., 2.25) or in hours and minutes (e.g., 2:15). If you enter hours and minutes, the colon is required as a separator.

Since the program does not record or display the actual time of day, the issue of whether to use AM and PM or a 24-hour clock is not relevant.


Currency Format

RTG Bills and RTG Timer allow a choice between showing a currency symbol (e.g., a dollar sign, $) on currency amounts or not showing a currency symbol. You can change the currency symbol. The currency symbol is displayed before the amount.

The programs use a period as the decimal symbol, and two digits after the decimal symbol (e.g., 5.23).

The programs use a comma as the digit grouping symbol and three digits in each group (e.g., 5,234.95). Non-currency numbers which exceed 999 also use a comma to separate the digits (e.g., 1,224.00 hours).

The use of the period and comma can be changed in the Windows Regional Settings. (However, the currency symbol in the Regional Settings is not used.) You should confirm that you can obtain the results you want.



RTG Bills and RTG Timer use English only. The labels and messages on the screen cannot be changed. We do not plan to change this restriction.

It may be possible to create bills and reports in a different language. Most of the text on the bills and reports comes from labels, which can be changed in the bill format or the report format. However, there may be a few places where the text cannot be altered. You should check carefully that you can create the bills and reports that you require.



RTG Bills can calculate taxes on fees and expenses. A tax code can be assigned to all matters, or different codes can be used for different matters. For example, this might be necessary if the tax depends on the client's location.

Each code can have several tax rates, to handle local, provincial, and national taxes, for instance.

Activity codes can be used to override the usual tax code for particular transactions. This might be necessary if the tax depends upon where the work was performed.

It is not possible to create a compound tax, one in which the tax is calculated on a fee or expense including some other tax. However, you can adjust the two tax rates to get the same result. See Compound Tax Rates.


Other Issues

There may be other issues that we have not identified. For that reason, we suggest that you use the 45-day trial period to be certain that your requirements can be met.

If you have specific questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us by sending a message to RTG.

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