RTG Conflicts Version 1.07

RTG Conflicts
Version 1.07

RTG Conflicts Version 1.07 fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released November 9, 2018.)

This version requires Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or 11.


Changes in
this version

  1. Updated installer
    Updates the RTG Conflicts installer for compatibility with all recent versions of Windows. In previous versions, the Data Location entered during the installation procedure was not always readable by RTG Conflicts.

  2. Updated RTG Update
    RTG Update, which lets you install updates, has been updated.

  3. Check latest version
    Choose Help > Check Latest Version to see if you have the latest version of RTG Conflicts.

  4. Hide party
    A Hide This Party checkbox was added to the Edit A Relationship window in V1.07d.

  5. "The field is too small" error
    This error can occur when a conflicts search is saved if the target party name is the maximum size (60 characters) and the name contains an ampersand. Fixed in V1.07e.

How to get
RTG Conflicts

  • If you haven't purchased RTG Conflicts...
    You'll find complete ordering information on the Orders page.

  • If you have purchased RTG Conflicts...
    You qualify for a free upgrade if you have purchased a license key for RTG Conflicts within the last year. If you believe you qualify, request a license key for RTG Conflicts.
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