RTG Conflicts License Key Request

Fill out this form to request a license key for the current version of RTG Conflicts. Each version of RTG Conflicts requires a new license key.

  1. New users
    Request a key after your purchase of RTG Conflicts is complete. RTG may ask you to fill out this form if you did not enter the Licensed To field on the order form.

  2. Upgrades
    Read the RTG Conflicts Upgrade Policy to see if you qualify for a free upgrade. If you do, just fill out the form and we will send you the key in an email message. If you do not qualify for a free upgrade, you can purchase an upgrade for a reduced price.

The License To name is used in the creation of your license key. You must enter it into RTG Conflicts as well, where it is displayed each time RTG Conflicts starts up. Be sure to enter it correctly here.

To reduce spam, please type the code   in this box:

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