RTG Conflicts Version 1.06

RTG Conflicts
Version 1.06

RTG Conflicts Version 1.06 includes a few new features and fixes all known problems in the previous release. (Released August 28, 2012.)

Version 1.06 requires the use of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.


Changes in
this version

  1. Improved screen font
    The screen font is now somewhat larger and easier to read than before. This affects all windows that are under the control of RTG Conflicts.

    Some text, such as the text on menus and the text in message boxes, is supplied by Windows and will only change if you enlarge the Windows font.

  2. Edit party code and matter code
    You can now edit the Party Code on the Edit A Party window and the Matter Code on the Edit A Matter window.

    These codes are normally set when data is imported into RTG Conflicts and they are blank when a party or matter is entered directly into RTG Conflicts. However, you may want to set the codes in some situations.

    For example, suppose that a proposed client and matter are entered into RTG Conflicts. If the matter is accepted and opened, you will want to enter it into a billing system, such as RTG Bills. If you were to import the RTG Bills data into RTG Conflicts, a duplicate matter would be created. To prevent this, you can enter the client number from RTG Bills in the Party Code field and the matter number from RTG Bills in the Matter Code field. Then importing RTG Bills data would not create a duplicate matter in RTG Conflicts.

  3. Import open and close dates from RTG Bills
    When you import RTG Bills data, the date opened and date closed for each matter will be updated in RTG Conflicts.

  4. Intake Project Results report
    The Intake Project Results with Relationships report now shows the ending date of relationships.

  5. Import relationships from a text file
    You can import a file of client-related parties, such as a list of client contacts. You can also import a file of matter-related parties, such as a list of opponents in matters.

  6. Use tags to label fields imported into Notes
    The Notes field can contain any information you want to remember for a party or a matter. When you import a party or a matter from a text file, each field that is added to the Notes can be given a tag to describe it. For example, you could use the tags FAX for a FAX number and Cell for a cell phone number.

How to get
RTG Conflicts

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  • If you have purchased RTG Conflicts...
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