R151009: Converting to RTG Bills Online


RTG Bills Online is the online version of RTG Bills. It works in a Web browser. We offer RTG Bills Online as a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can convert the data in RTG Bills on a Windows PC to RTG Bills Online. Since RTG Bills Online is a complete timekeeping and billing system, after conversion you will no longer need the PC version.

Conversion requires four steps:

  1. Special conversion software is installed on the PC.

  2. The data in RTG Bills on the PC is converted to the proper format for RTG Bills Online and saved in a single file.

  3. The file is uploaded to the RTG Bills Online server.

  4. The file is read by RTG Bills Online and the data within it replaces any existing RTG Bills Online data.


The conversion software only works with RTG Bills Version 2.17 and above. If you have a lower-numbered version, you need to upgrade to the current version.



Before you attempt to convert your PC data, make sure there are no problems in the data. Use the Verify Matter Balance report and the Verify Retainer Balance report to look for problems. Fix any reported problems.

Use the Client/Matter Check report to find additional problems, such as missing matter names.

RTG Timer data is not converted, so you should release all items in every copy of RTG Timer before you begin the conversion.

Unless you have the latest release of RTG Bills, you may need to install a new release of RTG Update, which downloads and installs updates. See RTG Update.


1. Installation

The conversion software is installed as an update.

  1. To start RTG Bills, right-click the icon and choose Run as administrator.

  2. Choose File > Update. Click Yes to start RTG Update.

  3. Click the Check The Internet For Updates button. When the list of updates appears, check the box for Convert to RTG Bills Online, then click Install.

  4. The conversion software will be downloaded from the RTG website and installed on your computer. Click OK when a message says the update has been installed.

  5. Click Close to close the Internet Update window, then click Close again to exit from RTG Update.

2. Conversion

In RTG Bills on the PC, choose File > Tools. You will see the Tools window. Look for the line that says Convert to RTG Bills Online and double-click that line to start the conversion software.

You will see the Convert to RTG Bills Online window. Click the Convert button. After a pause while the data is converted, a message says the conversion is complete. Click OK.


3. Upload

In order to upload data to RTG Bills Online:

  1. Your firm must have access to RTG Bills Online. Either a free trial or a subscription will work.

  2. You must be a Supervisor in RTG Bills Online. A Supervisor for RTG Timer Online is also a Supervisor for RTG Bills Online.

Warning 1: The RTG Bills data you upload will replace everything in RTG Bills Online. Any data already in RTG Bills Online will be gone forever. However, data in RTG Timer Online will not be affected.

Warning 2: If you are changing your subscription from RTG Timer Online to RTG Bills Online, users should refrain from releasing RTG Timer Online transactions during the conversion period. That period extends from the time your subscription is changed until the conversion is completed successfully. Then each user must sign out of RTG Timer Online and sign back in again before releasing any transactions. This will ensure that released transactions go into the RTG Bills Online database and not into a file for download to the PC version.

Before you proceed, make sure you sign out of RTG Timer Online or RTG Bills Online. It is not sufficient to close the browser or the browser tab. You must click a button or a link that says Sign Out. The upload will fail if you are still signed in.

Check that RTG Bills is ready to communicate with RTG Bills Online. In RTG Bills, choose Setup > RTG Timer Online.

If you have been using RTG Bills with RTG Timer Online, your User Name and Password should have been entered here already. Enter them now, if necessary.

Be sure to enter the User Name and Password for RTG Bills Online (or RTG Timer Online - they are the same), not your username and password for Windows, and not your username and password for RTG Bills on the PC.

Set the Server number to 3. Click Close when everything is set properly.

Choose File > Tools. You will see the Tools window. Look for the line that says Upload Converted RTG Bills Data and double-click that line to start the conversion software.

You will see the Upload Converted RTG Bills Data window. Click Upload to copy your RTG Bills data from the PC to RTG Bills Online. This may take some time, depending on the size of your database and the speed of your Internet connection. If all is well, a message will appear that says the data file was successfully uploaded. Click OK.


4. Import

At this point, the converted data from RTG Bills on the PC is in a file on the RTG Bills Online server. It has not yet been read into the RTG Bills Online database.

Start your Web browser and sign in to RTG Bills Online. Go to the Supervisor Menu.

On the "tabbed" RTG Bills Menu, click the Links tab on the left and you will see the link to the Supervisor Menu on the right. On the "standard" RTG Bills Menu, you will find the link to the Supervisor Menu under the Links heading in the right-hand column.

On the Supervisor Menu, click the menu item, Import PC Data under the Actions heading.

You will see the Import RTG Bills PC Data page. Click Begin.

You will see a warning message to remind you that you are about to replace all the existing data in RTG Bills Online with the imported data. If this is what you want to do, click Yes.

After a pause while the data is imported, you should see the Data Load Results page. This step is only successful if no errors are reported. If errors occur here, you must fix the errors in the PC data and go back to step 2 (Conversion).

The message, Adding zero rate for timekeeper X in table Y, means that you did not enter a rate for every timekeeper in every rate table. This is just a warning, which you can ignore.

Click Done to return to the Supervisor Menu.


Remove Password

After you have successfully moved your data into RTG Bills Online, you should remove the RTG Bills Online password from the PC.

In the PC version of RTG Bills, choose Setup > RTG Timer Online. The Password box will say [password saved]. Click in the box, then click Yes. Leave the Password box empty and click Close.


User Settings

In RTG Bills Online, go to the Supervisor Menu and choose Edit Users.

Click on a username. At the Edit a User page, you may or may not want to check the box, Enable RTG Bills, which allows the user to go to the RTG Bills Menu. Do not check the box if the user should only enter fees and expenses in RTG Timer Online.

As you can see, there are other choices that determine which features are available to the user. Click Help on that page for further information.

Note the bottom portion of the page, where you choose which timekeepers a user can access in RTG Timer Online. A user has access to RTG Timer only if you give them access to at least one timekeeper here. At a minimum, any user who needs to enter their own time in RTG Timer must have their name as a timekeeper added to this list.


Bill Formats

This conversion process does not convert your bill formats. We have separate instructions that explain what to do.

Questions about this conversion procedure should be sent to RTG.


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