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The way in which RTG Bills is installed changed with Version 2.17 (released in March 2007). Before that, the program files and the data files were placed in a single location. Starting with Version 2.17, the standard location for data files differs from the standard location for program files.

These instructions only apply when you are upgrading RTG Bills and RTG Timer from Version 2.16 or below to Version 2.17 or above.

These instructions apply when the data is stored on the local hard disk, not on a network. If you are upgrading RTG Bills on a network, see:

Upgrading RTG Bills V2.16 or below on a Network

Since we assume you are upgrading from an earlier version of RTG Bills, you already have the data somewhere on your hard disk. You must find out where it is, so you can enter that location during the installation procedure. Typically it is the standard location previously used for both programs and data:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

However, if you originally had RTG Bills Version 1 installed, your programs and data could be located here instead:


A simple way to find the correct location is to right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Properties. On the Shortcut tab, look for the Target. This shows the complete path to the RTG Bills program. Typically, it would be this:

"C:\Program Files\Rtgbills\rtgbills.exe"

Prior to RTG Bills V2.17 the programs and data had to be in the same location, so given this path to the program itself (rtgbills.exe), the path to the data is the same without the last portion:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

Once you know where the data is located, you can proceed to install the new version of RTG Bills.

If your programs and data are in the Program Files folder and you have (or plan to install) Windows Vista/7/8, you must move the data. Vista and above won't allow data in the Program Files folder. See Windows Vista and RTG Software.



The following list shows the first versions of RTG's software that are compatible with Windows Vista/7/8:

RTG Bills and RTG Timer V2.17
RTG Conflicts V1.02
RTG Timer HE V2.09
RTG Timer ME V2.08
RTG Scripts V1.09
RTG E-Bills V1.12
RTG Names V2.03

It is important to note that these new versions work together, and most of them will not work with older versions of the software in this list.

If you upgrade RTG Bills to V2.17 or above, you must also upgrade all of the other programs in this list to the version shown here (or a later version). For example, RTG E-Bills V1.12 works properly with RTG Bills V2.17, but earlier versions of RTG E-Bills will not work.

RTG Conflicts does not require the use of RTG Bills. However, if you upgrade RTG Conflicts to V1.02 or above, and you want to import data into Conflicts from Bills, you will need RTG Bills V2.17 (or a later version).


Install RTG Bills

  1. Uninstall RTG Bills.

    Important: Installing or uninstalling RTG Bills never deletes data. Your data will be untouched, in the same location as before, after you uninstall RTG Bills.

    The reason for uninstalling the old version first is to avoid having two (or more) entries in the list of installed programs. Even though they are listed separately, uninstalling any one would remove all of the programs, because they were (probably) installed in the same place.

  2. Install the RTG Bills programs in the standard location:
    C:\Program Files\Rtgbills
    The installation program refers to this as the Destination Location.

  3. Because the new installation file is for Version 2.17 or above, you are asked for the Data Location.

    You must not accept the standard location, because this is a new location that does not contain your existing data.

    Enter the location where the RTG Bills data is located, as determined above. As noted there, the most likely location is this:
    C:\Program Files\Rtgbills
    If the Data Location has existing data, as it should, it will be preserved. If there is no data in the location you specify (because you chose the wrong location), an empty database will be installed there.

  4. When the installation is complete, start RTG Bills. Do you see your data?

    If you chose the correct Data Location, you will see your data.

    If you don't see the data, then you chose the wrong location. You can search your hard disk for the database, rtgbills.mdb. You will probably find two such files. The large one contains your data. The small one is the empty database you just installed when you chose the wrong Data Location. Uninstall RTG Bills, then install it again, and this time, enter the correct Data Location.

    Do not use this menu command in RTG Bills:
    Setup > Database
    to fix the Data Location. The installation program must install report files in the Data Location, and the files will not be there if you change the location in this way.

Install RTG Timer

The procedure for installing RTG Timer is almost the same as for RTG Bills. The programs should be installed in this Destination Location:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

Most likely, this is also the Data Location.

There is one additional setting for RTG Timer. You must tell RTG Timer where to find the RTG Bills database:

Setup > Other

On the Database tab, choose From RTG Bills database and enter the location of the RTG Bills data. Again, this is most likely the program location:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

Click Save to save this setting.


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