R080101: Upgrading RTG Bills V2.16 or below - No Network


These instructions only apply when you are upgrading RTG Bills and RTG Timer from Version 2.16 or below to Version 2.17 or above.

These instructions apply when the data is stored on the local hard disk, not on a network. If you are upgrading RTG Bills on a network, see:

Upgrading RTG Bills V2.16 or below on a Network

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup from within RTG Bills: File > Backup. Make sure you know where the backup files are being written. A good choice is your Windows desktop (assuming you can find folders on your desktop). Similarly, create a backup of RTG Timer. You can use the same backup folder.

  2. Uninstall RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

    Important: Installing or uninstalling RTG Bills and RTG Timer never deletes data. Your data will be untouched, in the same location as before, after you uninstall RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

  3. Install the current version of RTG Bills and RTG Timer. The standard Data Location is this:

    C:\ProgramData\RTG\RTG Bills

  4. Restore the backup by following the instructions here:

    Restoring RTG Bills on a New Hard Disk

    Don't stop here. Some of the files from the old version of RTG Bills, which you have just restored, may be incompatible with the new version.

  5. Install RTG Bills and RTG Timer again. This will replace obsolete files with current files. It will not overwrite your data files.


The following list shows the other programs that you should upgrade to the latest versions to ensure compatibility with RTG Bills:

RTG Conflicts
RTG Scripts
RTG E-Bills
RTG Names

RTG Timer

There is one additional setting for RTG Timer. You must tell RTG Timer where to find the RTG Bills database:

Setup > Other

On the Database tab, choose From RTG Bills database and enter the location of the RTG Bills data. Again, this is will be the Data Location:

C:\ProgramData\RTG\RTG Bills

Click Save to save this setting.


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